not such a baby anymore!

Do you mommas remember when you had that realization that your baby was really turning into not such a little guy/girl anymore? I looked at him last night and was like “holy shit, you’re a human!” I always have this image in my head of him at 8 pounds drinking 4oz, sad but true. I just am not ready for the growing up stage! Well, last night at dinner we decided to give him small pieces of what we were eating. Chicken. Avocado. Potato. Green beans. He ate it all and loved it. I know this is totally normal but it was my OMG you’re a human moment.

Stop growing so fast little man. 

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio TX

If you ever find yourself in San Antonio, I highly suggest going to check out these caverns. It’s 20$ a person but well spent for proof of how beautiful this world can be. We did a group tour and descended down 140 feet to view it all. There are paths made (but still very steep and slippery) but not too challenging. The husband and myself are planning a return trip to the undeveloped parts of the caverns when you actually have to climb down the walls. How cool does that sound? Anyways! Check it out if you ever get the chance. 

New & Exciting

I feel as if I always have so much to say. In regards to either all of the experiences I have being a new mom or the crazy and exciting things that I encounter as working as a vet tech; well there has to be someone out there who is interested in reading about it! Along with this blog I’ll also be creating a Facebook page. I get so many questions as it is about things going on with their pets I figured opening up communication on a page will be a great way to get opinions on things going on with them. As well as baby related questions. I always have tons of them so I’m hoping other people will be able to help me out along this journey of parenthood. I don’t plan on making this live for at least a few weeks. I have a lot I need to figure out before that happens 🙂 Wish me luck.