Another Life Saved & Made The News

My job as a Registered Vet Tech can be, in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs there is. It’s very difficult to see animals suffering especially when there is little you can do to save them. Well last night I had a big part in the treatment of a puppy that was left in the Texas heat in very poor condition. The puppies glucose level was dangerously low which is a severe and life threatening situation. Even more concerning, it’s PCV (packed cell volume) was only at an 8%. In other words, this puppies red blood cells were GONE and it needed a blood transfusion.
I got the long, tedious, yet oh so rewarding job of doing the transfusion.

Cutest little girl ever, right?! 
It Made The News! 
I was super excited while watching Ellen and they said “next a San Antonio puppy fights for her life after being left in the heat” I just knew that was her 🙂 
I’m happy to report she seems to be doing well.

A Man on Cleaning

Hey all,

Papa Bear here. Today the wife asked me to do a blog on cleaning. Oh cleaning. How i loathe you. There isn’t a much more futile exercise than cleaning. The wife is a neat freak. The house has to be spick and span daily. I don’t really see the point in cleaning everyday, because an hour after you’re done, the house is right back to where is was. I could have spent my time doing more constructive things like reading or watching the Cubs lose… or staring at the wall. I’ll tell you, though, cleaning has NOTHING on cutting the lawn. I HATE cutting the lawn. I would rather saw my own arm off than cut the lawn. If god wanted grass to be short, he wouldn’t make it grow. There’s nothing I love more than walking through my yard pushing a glorified machete around while getting bit by fire ants and stung by bees and mosquitos. It’s always a terrific time. Insert another sarcastic statement here, and I’m out.

Finish The Sentence Friday

I hit a turning point in my life when… 
The year 2012 happened.

Broad, I know but it was by far the craziest year ever.
I moved into an apartment with a friend January 2012.
I got married February 2012.
I found out I was pregnant February 2012.
I graduated Vet Tech School May 2012.
I moved from Michigan to San Antonio May 2012.
(my husband is in the Marine Corps & I needed to finish my 4 years of school before moving with him) 
I had my son October 2012.
I moved into a new house December 2012.

This timeline is ridiculous. All these events happen in a span of years for people, people except for me.


Finish the Sentence Friday

I hate the grocery store.

Grocery shopping has to be one of my least favorite activities on the planet. I’d place it in the same category of getting a wax. Just like waxing its expensive and painful. 
The only thing that adds to my frustration with it is that my 8 month old son won’t sit in the cart, stroller, or anything else for more than about 30 minutes. Now that he’s on the move the idea of staying in one spot isn’t an option for him. 
So I get to speed through the isles deciding what to make, looking for things on my list, and trying not to go over budget. A budget that is truly unrealistic. 
Well, it obviously is going to take me more than 30 minutes to even find half the things I need so at this point I have to fly through with a crabby baby. 
I’m one of those moms who opens up snacks for my kid and then pays for them later. Yup, that’s me. 
So then I finally get to the checkout, remembering that I forgot one ingredient or something else and just say screw it. I look at the total and it’s over $200. What the hell did I even buy?! The carts not even full. 
After I leave I remember that I still have to load the car, unload the car, and put it all away! I need to win the lotto so I can have someone else do this horrid task for me. 
Thank you little man for being as patient as possible. 
After the shopping we still had to wait for the oil change to be done. 
If anyone has any tips on 1) bringing a baby shopping or 2) not spending a gazzilion dollars I’d appreciate it. I tried the coupon thing and spent more because I was buying crap I didn’t need just because I had a coupon! 

It Works Wrap Review & GIVEAWAY!

Deb has done it again! Not only is she a Thirty-One Consultant but she also sells the “It Works Collection” She sent me a wrap for a review and is doing a giveaway for all of you readers! I decided to use it on my husband. I’d like to point out that I think he’s the sexiest man alive and in my opinion doesn’t need this at all but I’m his wife and I’m supposed to think that 🙂 The results may be more dramatic on him. Also, I have seen a few reviews of this product but never on a man! So I wanted to give readers a different perspective. Deb informed me that her husband actually lost 8 inches with the first wrap! How incredible is that?  
First of all this stuff smells AMAZING. I’m huge on smells; if it smells bad I won’t use it, eat it, or allow it anywhere near me. If they had a regular lotion in this scent I’d be purchasing it. 
Here is the packaging it comes in. Simple and easy to open. Once opened the wrap was pretty sticky with lotion but in no means difficult to separate and apply. I would recommend having someone else apply it to you. That way it’s positioned correctly and just makes your life easier. 

It says in the instructions that come with the wrap to shower before applying and if possible exfoliate the area well to open up the pores allowing more lotion to enter the body. My husband showered and I made sure he used my girly bath and body works exfoliant; just so I can laugh that I made him use one of my goo’s.  
Yummmm, Now he smells like Mango’s & the delicious It works wrap lotion 🙂 
I decided to get this giveaway up sooner than the 72 hours for optimum results from the wrap I would just go ahead and edit this blog post later with the result photos. 
This is before the wrap was applied. 
During the wrap. As it says in the instructions, we used saran wrap to place over the wrap after it was in position desired. For extra tightness, and a giggle from me, the husband placed one of my tank tops over it. He would NOT let his face be in this. I don’t blame him but it’s not like you guys won’t know who he is from other blog posts. 
Step One is the wrap being placed.
Step Two is with the saran wrap.
Step Three, well that’s self explanatory. 
The it works wrap really does sell itself. The countless amounts of before and after photos from the company are AMAZING. Whether you have a little to tone up and get rid of or quite a bit that you’re unhappy with I really think this product is worth the try! 
This is after just ONE application.
Well this one application can be yours to try! Just enter the rafflecopter below to WIN one and try it out for yourself! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Unconventional Mommy Spotlight

Great moms come in all different types

  • The Working Mommy
  • The Stay at Home Mommy
  • The Single Mommy
  • The Foster Mommy
  • The Daddy “Mommy”
  • Ect. Ect. Ect.
Well my post here is about the mommy that doesn’t look like your conventional mom. The mom with tattoos! Although a lot of our own mothers are not covered, tattoos are becoming more and more popular but still not 100% accepted. When I started taking Everett to his swim lessons I had another mother shooting me the absolute dirtiest looks possible; I’m only assuming it was because of the amount of tattoos I have. There have been plenty of other times I’ve gotten negative comments but I’m really not trying to complain.
A close friend of mine, Amanda, has about 300x the amount of tattoos that I have. She’s not only one of the most gorgeous girls I know but she’s a FANTASTIC mother to a beautiful daughter. Her daughter is about 8 months older than my son. She was the one of the first people I would go to with my weird pregnancy questions. Ya know, like, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LEAKING OUT” and now she’s defiantly one whose opinion I value on parenting. I’m constantly asking her what to feed, what to do about this and what to do about that. She’s just amazing & I wanted to take this opportunity to tell her that and thank her 🙂  It’s people like this that make living in Texas hard, miss yo’ face.
& Our Adorable Kids Together 

Plexus Slim Giveaway!


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Thirty-One Camo Thermal Tote Giveaway!

I have been working with this awesome lady named Deb who just so happens to be a Thirty-One consultant. She has decided to do a giveaway of a Camo Print Thermal! A lot of you are already familiar with Thirty-One but if you’re not YOU NEED TO BE! They have so many adorable totes, bags, coolers, ect.  You can find their summer catalog here—– Thirty-One Summer Catalog

Just a few of my favorites…. Yup, I love them.

They’re running an awesome special for the month of June only that is truly a steal. So if you’re interested make sure you take advantage of it THIS MONTH ONLY! 
If you have any questions please feel free to email Deb at
AND now for the giveaway. Fill out the rafflecopter. The first entry that is required is that you join Deb’s Facebook group (you must request it). Other than that, follow & like what you choose for more entries. 
Here is the Camo Print Thermal! I love that it’s purple 🙂 
Enter Below & Please share for it would be nice to have lots of entries! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Must be 18 or older to enter. Must reside in the US and have a valid shipping address. Must respond to winning notification within 48 hours or another winner will be randomly selected. Tails from a Not-So-Conventional Mommy is Not Responsible for the shipment of this prize.

Don’t Blink, You’ll Miss Something.

I talk about how I’m in shock that my tiny little bitty newborn has grown up so fast all the time. When people would tell me that I shouldn’t blink or I will miss something I used to think that was a load of BS. Nope, they were totally right. I spent a greater part of this morning packing up all the stuff that is now too small and restocked his closet and dressers with 9 & 12 month clothing. It was really sad folding all those tiny onesies! I feel like I forgot how small he really was and I’m completely blown away by how fast they grow. Next it’ll be 18 month clothing :((((( & I’ll have a toddler! I’m not ready for this!

Papa Bear’s First Post

Hey all! Papa Bear here. Sorry. I’m not very creative; I can’t come up with anything clever like “Tails from a not-so-conventional mommy.” I’ll settle with Papa Bear, because they have tails, right? Anyway, as my son is sitting next to me trying to thwart my attempts to type, I’ll talk about my parenting style. There are a lot of different parenting styles. We have many: authoritative father, the loving mother, the dead-beat dad, the wise man, etc. My wife calls me a great dad. I wouldn’t exactly say that. As I get home after a long day at work, I open the door to the sounds of a shrieking child and an extremely stressed out wife with disheveled hair. “I’ve had to pee for 3 hours, but couldn’t because the baby,” she says as she thrusts the baby into my arms. 30 seconds (and one thankfully empty bladder) later, she walks in the room to a laughing child in the lap of his daddy watching sports. What’s my secret? The art of DISTRACTION! Dads, take notes.

My ultimate goal with my child is to either stop him from crying or to prevent him from crying. Since laughing is the opposite of crying (disagree? Google it. BOOM!), I just try to make him laugh and smile. When he starts to sniffle, I like to throw him up in the air repeatedly until he’s forgotten that he was upset. That way I can keep watching the Cubs lose while he goes and knocks over the cats’ water bowl. I don’t care. He’s not crying, right? Another distracting trick is to shake my head back and forth. He laughs uproariously! His favorite for some reason is when I pretend to be that big black lady with an attitude from that one credit card commercial. The trick is to shake your head back and forth repeatedly and shout “I’m a big black lady with an attitude! NOW HOW CAN I HELP YOU!?” It works, guys. Try it. Seriously. Attention Deficit Disorder is a wonderful thing.

Distraction need not be used solely when the bb is crying. Our little bear cub likes to flip onto his stomach while we change his diaper. At first, I would try to prevent him from doing it. This only made him flip out and burst my ear drums with his deafening shrieks. I then allowed him to flip over, but that led to poop EVERYWHERE. I decided, finally, to try my distraction method. It takes every trick in the book, but it works! The big black woman with an attitude distracts him from rolling, and the… shit. Sorry guys. Gotta go. Baby is crying for some reason. I’ll be back next week.