Protect Your Childs Future

Protecting your personal identity and making sure you’re safe from fraud is something that all of us are practicing; at the very least you’ve heard of it.

Well, what about your children?

Can you imagine your kids turning 18…

They are ready to get their first credit card on their own. They decide that they want to get a loan to go to school. Then they realize their identity was stolen and they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. This might sound far fetched but child identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. You may be monitoring your credit but honestly, who thinks about their kids social security numbers? You should. 


Identity Protection Planning is a company that focuses on entire family protection. Not only will they look out for you but they’re also going to be keeping an eye on any minors in the home. They offer a RISK FREE service with a $1 million dollar protection plan. If anything happens, they’ve got your back.

Identity Protection Planning offerers a service called Identron which is the most comprehensive coverage available to families.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 4.19.47 PM

Their rates are extremely reasonable for the levels of coverage you and your family are receiving. To view the different plans available check out this webpage!


With these two little ones at home and one on the way it’s absolutely horrifying to think that someone out there could be ruining their future without my knowledge. The effects of identity theft can take years and is a huge expense to try to sort out. I don’t know about you, but the peace of mind of having a company like Identity Protection Planning is worth the small monthly fee.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 4.32.09 PM

I’ve Missed This

Life has been a new kind of busy for me lately. When I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to do I let blogging hang out on the back burner. The truth behind that is, I’ve missed it! Writing has always been cathartic and blogging has always been fun for me so it’s time to get back to it.


So where have I been? 

  • I started a new online based company called Merci Social. I’ve been taking on new clients for photography, graphic design, and virtual assisting. So while i’ve been busy online, it’s just been building my new website and working for clients!
  • I took on working from home doing the social media for the veterinary clinic I work for (yay!)  Of course I’m still working in office as well at least 3 days a week.
  • My kids are still super demanding, that hasn’t changed. Although, they’re both school for at least 3 days a week I somehow don’t have any extra time.
  • The bachelor started again, ha.

So no more excuses, I’m back! <3

Local Events: Augusta on Ice

Last night my family and myself got the pleasure of checking out Augusta on Ice. It’s a local event that includes ice skating, an ice slide, train rides, Santa visits, and food and drink. I’m all about community events so I was stoked to go and check it out. Plus, it’s not everyday that you get to play on the ice in Georgia!


Growing up in the north (Michigan) sledding and ice skating was just a typical winter activity. I forgot how much I missed it but loved that I could get that winter feeling here in my new home of Augusta. I also love that I was able to give my kids a glimpse of what my winters were like growing up!


The kids had a blast sliding down the ice slide and racing cars down the ice ramp. Augusta on ice is definitely family orientated and had a lot of smaller activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained.


The highlight of Augusta on Ice is definitely the ice skating. There is no extra fee to rent skates and they have sizes for everyone. Since it was our kids first time on ice, they had “skate helpers” there to assure that they felt comfortable until they could get the hang of it. They never really were able to skate around without the helper but I didn’t expect them to be able too!


Everett was mad when it was time to leave as you can tell by this picture and of course his little sister needs to try to emulate the arms crossing.

I would suggest everyone go out and give Augusta on Ice a shot; especially if you have little ones. It’s a fun afternoon / evening out experiencing winter activities.


Augusta on Ice
836 Reynolds Street
Augusta, GA 30901

Currently open now through January 6th, 2018.

Check out Augusta on Ice’s website here for specific hours and special events.

Meet Carla

My best friend and I have a very strange but amusing relationship. We’ve been friends since first grade (25 years!) and we just kind of get each other. We live 12 hours away from each other so distance is a total jerk but we make the best of the situation. We’ve started a new tradition where we take a girls only trip once a year, we text every so often, and sending the occasional package.

The day before Halloween a package showed up addressed to the “Pinecone family.” My last name is Piccione but telemarketers often mispronounce it and call me Erin Pinecone. Well, I knew it was from her. I also knew the contents were going to be strange because that’s just who we are as people.

I opened the card and inside it said “I tried to find the weirdest things I could on Etsy.”

I was filled with excitement and terror all at the same time. 

Sure enough.

A taxidermy Guinea Pig.


Meet Carla.

I laughed until I cried. Being a vet tech you’d think this sort of thing wouldn’t fly with me, but I’m the exact opposite. I find it unbelievably humorous. The pet Guinea pig wasn’t murdered for the reason of being mounted on my wall, she [or he] lived a happy little pig life.


So, I think I win the strangest Halloween gift recipient contest. If that were a contest.

I can’t forget to mention the fact that this package also contained a vagina pin. The pin that you stick on your clothing, bag, wherever is the exact replica of a vagina. I’m afraid if I post a picture someone will flag my blog post for pornography.

Back to School at Walmart with Pilot G2 Pens

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyGo2Pen #CollectiveBias

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.37.20 PM

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge overachiever. I love being organized; creating lists for every day tasks, my goals, for everything! How do I get this done, you ask? Well, I do this by using my go-to pen, Pilot G2, of course; America’s #1 selling pen brand.

The G2 product line includes four point sizes, 20 vibrant color options; it is the only gel ink pen that offers this level of customization – because, after all, pens aren’t one size fits all.

These assortments are only available at Walmart so make sure you get the pen that works just as hard as you do #MyGo2Pen

Only Walmart carries the G2 Premium Gel Roller 10-pack with bonus pen. They also have 4-packs available so make sure you get the pen that works just as hard as you do.

The best part? You can save $.75 on any 4-pack (or larger) of G2 Pens if you shop now in the Back to School Season.

People Love Free, Even When It’s Junk

I love using the Facebook “Marketplace” to sell things that I no longer need around the house. I like to think of myself as one of those minimalist type people. I can’t stand clutter.  If it doesn’t get used, it gets sold, donated, or tossed. Simple as that.

We’re prepping the house for a birthday party this weekend. The garage is one of those places in the house that doesn’t often get a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning and organizing. It’s been driving me nuts for a while now so I finally convinced the husband to help me go though it. There was so much crap. Seriously, unbelievable amount of garbage. We’ve been in this house for over 2 years and most of it we haven’t touched since we put it in there the day we moved in.

I tossed most of it or in the case of the 3 cases of empty and clean beer bottles, recycled. Don’t worry, we brewed beer. We weren’t just hoarding bottles.

I had an old futon in the garage that was upstairs holding blankets for a while. It was big, uncomfortable, and completely unnecessary. I tossed it into the garage to bring out for garbage night. The garbage company wouldn’t take it because it’s an “oversized” item and I had to pay for special pickup. Nope, I’ll toss it on Facebook for free. It was gone in just over 3 hours. I had at least 45 messages in the first hour asking for it.

I also had about 25 cans of paint that literally came with the house. Some of the cans were from when the house was painted originally 10+ years ago. Those cans were also claimed within 2 minutes.


I didn’t clean up the stuff, stage it for any photos, or do anything creative to get it gone. Just writing the word “free” was enough to have my inbox blown up the entire evening. I guess people love free even when it’s complete garbage.

Oh, and I did warn the people. I told them how dirty and uncomfortable that futon is. It’s seriously awful. The paint might be completely dried up in these cans. I didn’t open them to care to find out; no cares from the interested parties.

Do Bloggers Even “Blog” Anymore?

Blogging is a hobby of mine that I really enjoy doing in my spare time. It’s a fun way of expressing myself, getting thoughts and feelings out there, telling stories, documenting life, and even networking and making new friends. It’s my portion of the internet that I have 100% control over the content and I enjoy that. I take breaks when I feel like it and move full steam ahead when I have a lot to say.  Seriously, writers block is real ya’ll.


So why am I explaining my hobby to you? Stay with me.

When I first started blogging when Everett was a baby I joined a website called bloglovin’ which is basically a Facebook style newsfeed of all different bloggers. I could spend hours if I chose too just reading and learning about all kinds of different things that people were going through or doing. It was a lot of fun, extremely entertaining, and often informational.

That all has changed more recently.

My “newsfeed” on bloglovin’ is now nothing but sponsored content. If I find one post not trying to sell me something, advertising something, or just original content I’m excited. Side note, for those of you who don’t know, sponsored content is when someone pays a blogger to speak about their product or service.

I write sponsored posts. There’s nothing wrong with sponsored posts. It’s a great day when I can make a hobby into some extra cash. I just refuse to turn my blog into a giant advertisement for companies! It’s discouraging to try to network with people and remain follows of blogs that every post on the site is just marked with #ad and #spon.

Keep on blogging bloggers. Like really blogging. Separate your sponsored posts with some lively content to keep people, like me, coming back!

Finding a Balance [the struggle]

A lot of people seem to look at me like I have it all together; I’ve been asked multiple times “how do you have time to do that” or “you always have so much going on but you seem to get it all done!” I’ll admit, I try to be pretty organized, but the reality of the situation is I’m still quite a hot mess.


First of all, I live in a home with two toddlers, two dogs, two cats, and a flying squirrel. That should say enough about the fact that my housework is never done. It’s literally impossible to keep up with the laundry, keep the pet hair under control, and pick up after kids who doesn’t understand that toys have a place. This doesn’t stop me from trying though. In between all the stuff I’m doing during the day, I’m cleaning. I’d consider myself to have a touch of OCD [literally, just undiagnosed] and have trouble concentrating on anything when I’m surrounded by a mess. I have to clean up before I can sit down and relax. This is a very real and often unseen struggle of mine.

Some days it’s impossible to get anything done because my kids have so much going on. They’re young now and I know it’s just going to get worse as they get older. Between extracurricular activities, playdates, preschool drop offs, and different appointments there isn’t much time to do anything else for me [for fun] or things that I need to get done.

There are other times that my kids just won’t let me do anything. They want to play, they need 800 snacks, or they need their butt wiped. I try to be as understanding as possible that they won’t be this young for long. They won’t always want their mommy to watch them play and I am forever working on just relaxing and enjoying this time. It’s still a struggle sometimes when I feel like I haven’t had a break and just want two seconds to eat my lunch or take a shower.

These days are especially hard when I have to work in the evenings. I work part time as a veterinary technician because I simply love what I do. It’s for me; but it’s still work. When I spend the entire morning and afternoon on those “needy kid” days I sometimes just want a second to sit down and relax. I just simply don’t get that time when I jet off to work as soon as my husband gets home.

This brings me to my next point, my husband and I work opposite shifts a few nights out of the week and other nights he has to go to bed so early that we don’t get a lot of alone time. It’s hard to schedule time for date nights because, as I’m explaining, we just don’t have time! We definitely make it work but it’s still a struggle.

So while it may seem like I have it together and make good use of “free time”, I don’t. I struggle with finding a balance on almost a daily basis. I’m slowly working on accepting the hot mess [currently writing this with a sink full of dishes] and learning to prioritize better!

For all of you who can relate to these struggles, it’s okay. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed as life with kids is hectic! Just remember to pause and enjoy these times.

Sewing as a Hobby; Sew Many Benefits

Some people may think the art of sewing is becoming a thing of the past. However, the benefits of sewing as a hobby are too great to be ignored. There are many ways that sewing can help to improve your life, even if you only make time to sit down at your sewing machine for two hours per week. Below, we will discuss the advantages of taking up sewing as a leisurely pursuit in your life!

Sewing Machine

Saves Money

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to learning to use a sewing machine is the money you can save. Rather than throwing out damaged clothing, you can use your sewing skills to repair tears or add patches to the garments. It is imperative that moms learn to sew, so they can mend their children’s clothing rather than always buying something new. Along with clothing repair, moms can also use the sewing machine to create new outfits for their kids, further saving on apparel purchases.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Whether you are using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, this hobby will help you to promote hand-eye coordination. This skill is important in many areas of your life. Fostering this connection between your eyes and hands will assist you in a number of other tasks, including driving, sports, tying your shoes, typing, and cooking.

Supports Focus

Having to sit down and keep your attention on your sewing project, even if just an hour or two at a time, will help to improve your focus. This is very helpful in young adults that are struggling to concentrate on a task, such as studying, for a long period of time. The focus gained from sewing can also assist you in your work life, and makes it easier to read more efficiently to save you time.

Promotes Self-Confidence

Feeling good about yourself and having a positive outlook on life will allow you to thrive. The confidence you can gain from learning to sew and creating your own masterpieces with your machine may benefit you in ways other hobbies cannot. Sewing is also good for boosting your social confidence, especially if you meet with other sewing friends regularly. Additionally, if you decide to sew for others or sell your creations, you will be uplifted and feel pride each time you produce and sell a new piece.


Expresses Creativity

In our fast-paced world, creativity can sometimes be left on the back burner. We have so much to do, who has time to sit down and enjoy a hobby?! Someone with an abundance of creative talent may never unleash this trait due to other commitments like work or family life. However, if you take up the hobby of sewing, you can transform your life and release that pent-up inspiration in the designs you create. By allowing yourself to be more creative, you can reap the benefits of a more relaxed mindset, decreased stress and anxiety levels, and reduced negative emotions in other areas of your life.

Produces Unique Items

Your family doesn’t have to “keep up with the Joneses” when you learn how to use a sewing machine. Getting to create one-of-a-kind designs is just half the fun! Seeing the smiles on your children’s faces when they have a costume or outfit you can’t purchase in stores is sure to have you returning to your hobby again and again. Additionally, if you want to make money with your hobby, creating unique designs is very essential – you want to stand out from the crowd and have everyone rushing to get sewn articles from you!

Fights Mental Issues

It is vital that we use every area of our brains regularly to keep them sharp and working properly. When you learn to sew, and do it often, you will be keeping your brain active. Doing the small tasks required to sew clothing or a quilt helps to ward off dementia and other mental conditions.

Getting all the Right Sewing Machine Supplies

By now, you probably see the many benefits of sewing as a hobby. It’s time to get yourself stocked with the right sewing machine and other supplies. Founded in Atlanta in 1983 as Southeast Sewing Products, now offers a virtual home for all the sewing machines, parts, and accessories you need to thoroughly enjoy this creative hobby.

Steve Tramell Sewing Machine

Offering a range of products, has been recognized as one of the South’s leading dealers and authorized servicers for Brother, Singer, Consew, Juki, and Pfaff products. The company, founded by Steve Tramell, has two locations: Atlanta and West Point, and you can also browse their selection of products at They also offer classes at their locations for those wanting to learn more about sewing, embroidery, and other creative endeavors.