Wow, What a Week!

Being a military family, one of the hardest parts of being away is the constant missing friends and family. I have only been apart of this lifestyle for a little over a year now and as it does get easier, it still isn’t easy. I feel even worse because of the fact that we do have a baby and I can’t imagine how hard it is for them to be missing a lot of the things that happen during the first year. Meh, it’s what I signed up for. 

Well, this week my parents and younger brother came for a visit. It was my dads first time in San Antonio so we wanted to make sure they got to see a lot. Plus, my dad is the type where he has to stay busy to be entertained. 
One of the first adventures we went on was the San Antonio caverns. My brother is on the left (as if you can’t tell, we’re damn twins that just so happen to be three years apart) I did previously blog all about the caverns so I won’t go crazy posting all those pictures again. 
My oh so pretty momma and myself 🙂 

Caught my dad and Everett off guard here 🙂 
The day after the caverns we decided to try out the zoo. I’ve been several times and always find some enjoyment out of it. This time, sheesh, 90 plus degrees and not a cloud in sight. Lets just say I was over it pretty quickly. 
My favorite was this tree bear who seemed to want to attack us. He didn’t appreciate Everett crying. 
We’re huge sports fans in this house. Our hockey teams have been playing each other in the playoffs. (Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks). We have to try SO hard to be nice. Oh so hard. This photo montage basically sums up what we’re like every time they play. Since my family was here, poor husband had 3 other Red Wings fans in the house. He was a pretty good sport about it, for the most part. 
On Wednesday we decided to go up north a bit and float the river. It’s a super popular thing to do down here. Basically, rent a tube get some beer and relax as you float. I’ve been wanting to do it since I moved down here but it’s very hard to get a babysitter! We actually had the chance to do it this time! My mom isn’t much for water sports so she happily agreed to stay home and hang out with Everett. I obviously couldn’t bring my camera but these following photos sum up the events afterwards. 
NOTE: my dad was driving and NOT intoxicated. I don’t condone drinking and driving EVER!  San Antonio drivers are known for slamming on their breaks. 
NO ONE WAS INJURED. Except the Rental car. Phew. 
As you can see the other car had no damage. Note to self, get a Nitro. 
How cute is my momma and baby?! Right. Glad they weren’t in the car 🙂 
My parents love flea markets. I’m not sure why. They are total bargain hunters and my dad collects all kinds of weird things (animal skulls, zippos, taxidermy). So we went to a HUGE one called Traders Village. I actually really enjoyed myself. Once the rain stopped, a lot of the shops opened and I was able to find a lot of laughs. 
Seniors need self defense, right?! Who even owns a VHS player anymore?! 
I sent this photo to my husband teasing that I was going to buy him these shoes. To my surprise he replied with “those are pimp” and actually wanted them. Oh Matt. No. 
Really really really wanted to buy this. Almost did. Until the dude selling it told me he wanted $45 and I searched it on amazon. $35 and less. Psh, nice try. Looks like I inherited some of my parents bargain hunting. 
I did end up taking home two tin signs for my kitchen. I have a wine themed kitchen and these were just too cute to pass up on. $20 for the pair. Couldn’t help myself. 
It really bummed me out to see someone wasn’t saving these. 

Caught my parents being cute 🙂 30 years of marriage as of this weekend and they still hold hands. 
We also have a fellow marine, our friend Kevin in for the weekend. He brought cards against humanity. If you’ve never heard of it, you like apples to apples, & you’re a total sicko…. YOU MUST play it. MUST. 
I’m really going to miss all the action around the house. It’s been an amazing fun filled week with my family. May has been an awesome month! 
(My in laws were actually here 2 weeks ago- this was before my blogging began) Ill be totally bummed out for the next few days because I just love having them here but then life will resume. Crap, normal life resumes this evening when I go back to work!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

San Antonio flooding.

What you’re looking at is an under pass of the expressway, not a river. That’s not a shark. It’s a car. This is what happens in a dry state when it rains. Crazy.  

New Layout Coming Soon!

I’m quite challenged in the design department but love a cute lookin’ blog as much as the next guy. So I have decided to have a company help me out 🙂 The new layout will be installed this evening and I’m very excited about it. — If you have any design needs I highly recommend them!

I also noticed there is a section on the site titled “how I learned to design”  It’s a company called mommy blog designs. You better believe I’m going to look into that 🙂 I’m one of those who always wants to keep learning. Why not add in web designer to my list of things I can do!

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio TX

If you ever find yourself in San Antonio, I highly suggest going to check out these caverns. It’s 20$ a person but well spent for proof of how beautiful this world can be. We did a group tour and descended down 140 feet to view it all. There are paths made (but still very steep and slippery) but not too challenging. The husband and myself are planning a return trip to the undeveloped parts of the caverns when you actually have to climb down the walls. How cool does that sound? Anyways! Check it out if you ever get the chance. 

New & Exciting

I feel as if I always have so much to say. In regards to either all of the experiences I have being a new mom or the crazy and exciting things that I encounter as working as a vet tech; well there has to be someone out there who is interested in reading about it! Along with this blog I’ll also be creating a Facebook page. I get so many questions as it is about things going on with their pets I figured opening up communication on a page will be a great way to get opinions on things going on with them. As well as baby related questions. I always have tons of them so I’m hoping other people will be able to help me out along this journey of parenthood. I don’t plan on making this live for at least a few weeks. I have a lot I need to figure out before that happens 🙂 Wish me luck.