Whats in My Purse?

My last post sparked an idea in me. If I don’t carry around things that I actually need what DO I have in that bag of mine? I really only carry a purse when I’m not bringing the baby out.  This means that I don’t use it everyday leading to more garbage being built up. So,  here is yet another personal post that is probably going to end in me being embarrassed and my readers laughing at me. Actually, I bet 99% of my purse carrying followers are going to be able to relate to hauling around the most ridiculous & unnecessary things. 
That being said, Here it is. 
  1. A pill vile of a prescription for Matt when he had the stomach flu. There is one pill in the bottle.
  2. Starburst candy. Just two of them though. I couldn’t just eat the last two pieces of candy? I just did & they were hard as rocks. 
  3. 2 pairs of sunglasses. I can never find sunglasses and end up just buying more. 
  4. 3 bottles of perfume. You can never be too careful when it comes to smelling bad.
  5. Sore throat drops. From when I was sick about 6 weeks ago. 
  6. Loose pain medication from the above mentioned illness. I did have them in a bag at one point. What happened to that bag? I’ll never know.
  7. Vaccine viles {for animals} I work at an emergency hospital where we don’t even vaccinate.
  8. A battery for a camera. The camera doesn’t work. The battery doesn’t charge. 
  9. A bowl. Glass.
  10. A can of soup.
  11. 3 spoons. No, I don’t use drugs. It’s for the soup! Why 3? I don’t know.
  12. The temporary crown for my tooth that I had on before I got the permanent one set on. 
  13. A babies first Christmas 2012 ornament
  14. The end piece of a charger for an iPhone
  15. 4 things of chapstick. I am a goo collector. 
  16. A bracelet. I was looking for that! 
  17. Expired Advil.
  18. A list of the food from Wendy’s that my co-workers wanted
The only thing that I actually NEEDED to carry around in there was the wallet. I challenge everyone to play this game of “whats in the purse.” It’s a great excuse to do some cleaning! 

Sometimes I Suck at Being a Woman

This is going to be pretty embarrassing to admit but it’s 100% truth. I really do suck at the entire “menstrual cycle” extravaganza. It’s been happening to me basically every single month for the past 14 years. 14 x 12 = 168 times. Minus 9 of being pregnant. 159. We’ll go with 150 to just round down. You’d think after you go through something 150 times you’d be able to get it right. No, not me. 
It comes to “that time” where I know I’m going to need my woman supplies. I even think “wow, it’ll probably happen soon. I should pack my purse accordingly”. Do I? No. Just because I think about it doesn’t mean that I remember 5 minutes later or carry through with my train of thought. Then i’ll be out and about, usually at work, and DAMMIT. Time to run to the store.
I tried to prevent this by leaving some “supplies” at work. I looked for them yesterday and gone. Apparently other people suffer from this because my stash was stolen. 
You’re probably thinking, “Erin, why don’t you just leave them in your purse all the time?” That’s a good question and I have an equally as awesome answer. Have you ever left a tampon in your purse for an entire month? If some other unprepared woman doesn’t steal it from you then the wrapper ALWAYS gets either crumbs all over it or tears open. Once open, nope, I’m not using that. gross. 
Maybe I’ll leave an emergency kit in my glovebox. 
Not only do I have an issue with being prepared… I seem to have a severe case of memory loss that causes me to forget exactly what the cramping and mood swings feel like. True story, 2 months ago I went to the doctor convinced that I have never felt cramps like this before and something had to be seriously wrong with me. No, it was just cramps. Talk about feeling like a moron. In my defense since having a child the pain IS worse but come on. 

The Money Sucking Powers of Target

I don’t know about you guys but I am absolutely obsessed with Target. I can go there for groceries, clothing {& it’s really cute}, baby supplies, a snack {love their cheese pretzels}, and a million other things. For some reason though, I can’t leave without spending WAY more than I originally planned before entering the store. 
I usually go shopping with a list. This list works amazing when i’m at Walmart or HEB{our grocery store in Texas.} I don’t even have an issue going to the mall. I’ll go in looking for something and come out with either nothing or that specific thing that I was looking for. 
BUT TARGET, that’s a whole different story. I am convinced they put some addictive substance into the air that makes me keep on coming back even though I know I end up having buyers remorse after leaving. 
I would like to shake the hand of whoever does the marking and the store set up. The end caps with the sales… ohhhh so good. While I do find a lot of great buys, it’s just good deals on stuff I didn’t plan on. 
True example: I went in for a new mop. JUST A NEW MOP. I left with a set of bracelets, snacks for Everett, a new pair of sandals, and some groceries. 20 bucks turned into like 80. I know what you’re thinking, “You have no control.” Guess what? You’re totally right. When it comes to Target I’m totally powerless. 
Does anyone else have this issue? 

My Husband, The Polite Farter

I grew up in a household where my father thought farting was hilarious. I’ve been used to the toxic smell and loud “BURRRPPPRRRRPP” noise since I was little. My pathetic sense of humor even makes me laugh at them most of the time. 
I suppose the show off flatulent isn’t uncommon for men. They aren’t shy about their gas as {most} women, which are quite a bit less flamboyant farters. Well, I’ve found what a lot of women would consider to be a dream man in the gas department. My husband can be so polite about it! He’s still a man and doesn’t hide it but he doesn’t dutch oven me…. on purpose {thats what I get for sleeping with my head under the covers} 
Example One: If he knows it’s going to be stinky he will take his butt to another room. Leave the toxic waste smell there. A while back I couldn’t find him. I walked into a room, turned on the light, & he was creepily standing there. “What are you doing in this dark room?” I ask. He replies “Farting.” uh, thanks.
Example Two: He will volunteer to sleep on the couch if he knows it’s going to be a long gassy night. I appreciate this but at the same time I hate sleeping alone. 
Example Three: We’ve been married for 17 months and not once have I been farted on.
I know this post is going to bite me in the butt. He’s going to think I took away his man card and start torturing me with toots. 

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’m so excited to have received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Lanaya at Raising Reagan. Starting my journey about 8 weeks ago I never figured how fast I would grow, gain followers, & even make friends! The blogging world is such a fun place and I’m as excited as ever to be apart of it. 
The basis of the award is to tell 7 random facts about myself & then pass the award on to other bloggers who have inspired me.
  • I think that ice water is the best drink out there. I know people who don’t like the “taste” of water and I just don’t understand.
  • I don’t really enjoy watching movies. I either get antsy waiting for them to end or I just fall asleep. It has to be a really really really good movie to keep me interested. Favorite Movie? Forrest Gump. This is probably one of my favorite scenes as well. 
Sometimes there just ‘aint enough rocks
  • I still don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet. I’ve searched youtube several times and just end up getting so annoyed I just give up. All of my fitted sheets are in clumps in the closet. 
  • I’m not a huge fan of spicy foods. Slight spice, sure. Burning off my tongue? What’s the point?
  • I have a soft spot in my heart for old grumpy cats. I don’t know why. If I ever get another cat I’d like to adopt a 10 plus years cranky thing.
  • I like stupid reality television. I don’t know why I care who this person goes on dates with or who has the best singing voice but i do. I DO.
  • I’m terrified of the stomach flu & vomiting. If i’m sick with it I become the biggest baby and sit around for 24-48 hours throwing up and crying.
Christine @ Musings Of A Single Mama
If you’re not following them already, do it. 

What I Learned From Meeting With A Mortgage Consultant

I’ll be the first to admit it. My husband and myself are not the greatest when it comes to our personal finances. We have some issues with “where the hell did all of that money go.” Don’t get me wrong, we’re doing fine but just like everyone else could probably afford to do a little bit better.
 We’re considering purchasing our first home. Renting is just getting to be a pain. It’s expensive, not investing, & I can’t do any of the amazing Pinterest ideas that I come across {this is a legit concern, don’t judge}. If you’ve ever purchased before you know that they make you bring in like every piece of financial history that you’ve ever had; including bank statements. They go through it line by line and question you on it. This is what I learned….
  1. The debit card is evil. It’s become a total illusion for what money really is. If you just swipe; it’s not like you’re actually spending. They compared it to the casino. When casinos were using actual paper money to gamble you could see that 100 dollar bill disappear. Now, debit cards have become exactly like casino chips. 
  2. Go through the past three months of your bank statements. Divide it into two columns. One being a need and the other being a want. This will help you to find your “problem areas” of spending.
  3. Call your cable company & look for promotions or even cancel those 1000 channels. I mean seriously, are you really watching ALL THOSE SHOWS?
  4. Fast food. Quit it. He said the only food on a bank statement should be the grocery store {except a night of dining out for special occasions} 
  5. Every night before you go to bed check out your transactions for the day. 
  6. Make a budget & stick to it.

Anyone else have tips on how to save / control spending habits?

I Promised…

Okay, since I joined this silly 30 day blog  challenge here it goes ….
I’m drunk. Happy 4th of July 🙂
Does anything more need to be said? 
Yes, it does. ‘MERICA. 
That’s all <3 

Liebster Award

As a new blogger this is a huge honor. I’ve been on the blogging scene for just over 6 weeks now and the feedback I’m receiving is amazing. This is one of the situations where I feel so justified in what I’m doing; thanks to Devon @ La Du It 2 It I have been nominated for my very first award.  If you’re not sure what the Liebster award is; basically it’s a new blogger award that allows us to spread awareness of who we are and get to know others. 

To accept the nomination I must:
1) Link back to the blog that nominated me- Thanks again Devon, you rock! <3
2) Nominate 3-5 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3) Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator
4) Share 11 random facts about yourself
5) Create 11 questions for your nominees

6) Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them

The blogs I’ve nominated are:
1) It’s Not My Workout, It’s My Diagnosis 
2) Musings Of A Single Mama
3) The Essentials 

11 Questions for my nominees:
1) Why do you blog? What do you love about it?  
2) If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?
3) What do you think is your “calling”? 
4) What is your favorite memory from your past? 
5) What is your favorite candy? 
6) Do you have a bucket list? If so, share a few things on it. 
7) What was your first car?
8) What would be your perfect date night?
9) What is your favorite sport? Sports Team?
10) What is your dream vacation?
11) If you had a genie that would grant you wishes… what would be your first wish? 

11 Questions from Devon:
1) What is your favorite hobby?
Hobby? Do I even have a hobby? I really don’t have any special talents that I entertain. I guess I really like to read. I can be quite a bookworm. 
2) If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?
I really just want to spend each day with my family. Nothing extravagant. We live across the country from my parents & my in-laws so having us all together for a big bash would be amazing. 
3) What is your calling?
ummmm, Like any mom I’d say my job with my son is my true calling. I love my life more than ever since becoming a mom. With that being said, my work with animals is my passion. 
4) What is your favorite childhood memory?
My best friend Stephanie and I {we’ve been friends for 21 years now- I’m only 27} would have the most amazing summer adventures. I’d say my favorite is tying each other up with stretch pants and jumping in the pool. It’s a BFF thing; I don’t expect you to understand. 

5) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Plain old vanilla. Don’t you get fancy with it. 
6) Name one thing on your bucket list
Simple. Actually get a Honeymoon with my husband. 
7) What was your first car?
Well, It WAS a creepy mini van that my parents gave me but I sold it in a parking lot and bought myself a 1997 Saturn. 
8) What would be your perfect date night?
A babysitter. End. 
9) What is your favorite sports team?
Oh you Detroit Red Wings <3 You little shits you.
10) What is your dream vacation?

Bermuda. Bahamas. Key Largo. Montego. Kokomo. Whatever. Give me sun & sand & adult beverages. 
11) What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
hmmmm oh the possibilities. 
I’d hire a financial advisor so I don’t end up on that show “the lottery ruined my life” 

Eleven Random Facts 

  1. I have a love hate relationship with food. It tastes so good but usually ends up making me sick. 
  2. I really like shoes; specifically high heels. Yet, I think i’m too tall to wear them. So while I own a ton I never wear them.
  3. My biggest weakness in life is Target. I am obsessed. I can’t go in there and spend less than $100. It’s pathetic.
  4. Before my work in emergency medicine, I worked in a shelter. I have euthanized animals & that really bums me out.
  5. I have a soft spot for old decrepit cats. The older, crabbier, & sicker the better.
  6. I’ve been on the other side of the country {I’m in Texas, from Michigan} for over a year now and I still get homesick all of the time.
  7. I’ve had the same best friend for 21 years. I’m only 27. This is impressive to me. 
  8. I started blogging out of sheer boredom. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies. I’m amazed at how many strangers are so supportive. 
  9. I think I would die without my iPhone. It’s like my lungs. Can’t breathe without an iPhone.
  10. My husband is the greatest guy in the world. It took me a long time to realize that and finally start to date him {I made him chase me for a bit} but i’m so glad he didn’t give up <3
  11. For my graduation gift to myself I almost bought a VW Beetle. I found out I was pregnant a month before graduation and realized a car seat wouldn’t fit well in it. One day. One day. 
Thanks again Devon for this opportunity <3 I look forward to seeing what my nominees have to say! 

Total "OFF" day

Do you guys ever have one of those days where you just feel weird for no reason? It’s like I got no sleep last night but in reality I had plenty.  Oh, I forgot, It’s Monday. That’s my excuse.

I gave my son a waffle for breakfast and forgot to toast or warm it. “Here kid, here’s a rock hard waffle, enjoy”.  I realized it after he looked at me like I was insane.

While my son naps in the morning / afternoon that’s usually the time I take to play on the internet a little bit, shower, and get ready for the day. I spent 20 minutes playing with my wet hair trying to make it look good because I was too lazy to blow dry it. It only takes me 10 minutes to blow dry it and make it look presentable. So by the end of that 20 minutes I had a damp frizzy mess on my head. I took the 10 minutes to blow dry it.

It’s currently still nap time. Why am I watching Yo Gabba Gabba?!  I now have the song “get the sillies out” stuck in my head.
This show is too creepy to look away!

It’s only 2 pm. I can’t wait to see what dumb stuff I’ll do at the grocery store later.

Dining with the Dead

If I could have dinner with anyone in history it would be…

Steve Jobs. 

I’m a huge Apple fan first of all. iPhone. iPad. iTunes. All of it. To me, they’re the most amazing and innovative pieces of technology. 
With that being said, over some sushi, I’d like to pick his brain on further futuristic technology because you know damn well that he had tons of amazing ideas flowing through that creative brain. 
… I might be able to capitalize on some of that. I’m a jerk.