Sometimes I ALMOST Feel Bad For My Husband

Being a stay at home mom during the day doesn’t allow me to have a lot of adult human interaction. Since i’ve started blogging my social life during the day has become a lot more chatty because I now have a lot of other mom’s to talk to who are in the same situation as I am. However, this has lead to me talking my husbands ear off as soon as he walks into the door. I feel the need to tell him every little conversation I’ve had, every company I’ve spoken too about reviews & giveaways, and every plan I have for my blog. Does he care? Probably not, but I feel the need to have that one on one adult interaction and he’s the only one who is there.
I’ve mentioned it before, but we’re a military family and living thousands of miles away from home. I’ve been living in San Antonio for about a year and a half and still don’t have too many friends that I get the chance to spend time with. We all have children and lead busy lives so it gets hard to have “in person” hang out time. I usually only see these people twice a month, if that. This means my husband is the only adult I see on the regular. He gets totally screwed and must listen to every little rant I have. 
I’m sure this is the switch that makes up the male “wife is talking” part of the brain. His is usually switched to ignore and pretend to have not heard anything.
I know he cares about me and what I have to say but understandably there is probably only so much a guy can listen to. Here are a few of my latest examples of things that I felt like I needed to tell him even though I’m sure he could have cared less. 
  • He probably didn’t need to hear about every internet search I did in order to find what I thought was the perfect outfit for Everett’s first birthday pictures. 
  • My thought process on what I would wear for the same pictures mentioned above. I literally said “Hey Matt, I think I’m going to wear that blue dress. Nah, I don’t want to wear that blue dress. I’ll probably just buy a new one or maybe I won’t and I’ll just wear that blue dress but I’m probably going to buy a new one.” 
  • I called him at work to tell him who got eliminated on Project Runway. He has never watched a full episode and probably has no idea what I was talking about. I was just overly excited and needed to share with someone. 
  • My armpit is hairy. Yeah, I’m  totally sexy. He wanted to know I forgot to shave. 

He is really sweet and tries to pay attention. In fact, I asked him to help me think of more examples of unimportant things I have felt the need to converse about and he simply said, “Everything you say is important.” uh huh, Sounds to me like someone wants something.

However, there is a complete flip side to my over talking about useless crap. I have a real problem asking him to do things that I want him to do because I don’t want to feel like a nagging wife. I have the type of husband that has to be told over and over again in order to remember to do any of the simple tasks that he is in charge of. I had to set a reminder in his phone on garbage night to take out the trash. This doesn’t even work half of the time. I expect him to have the house picked up when I get home from a late night at work just like I have when he gets home. This doesn’t happen without at least a few text message reminders. 
This is how I feel after saying something 9 times. 
I just don’t understand how I’m so comfortable chit chatting about useless garbage but when I want something done it ends up with me feeling like I’m nagging. He doesn’t even complain when I ask ten thousand times. I guess it just annoys me that I even have too.

BIG NEWS; the decision has been made.

It’s official. 
We’re ready to build on our family and I’ve officially stopped taking birth control. I actually stopped taking it the first week in July but wanted to wait until family knew about it before I broke the news to all my blog readers. I’m overly excited about this decision and more than ready for Everett to have a little brother or sister. 
I always wanted our children to be close in age. IF we were too conceive this month they would be a good 20 months apart which I think is perfect.  I love the idea of them having each other close to be able to really play with each other and be best buds.  My brother and I are 3 years apart. I don’t think that is too far but because we were opposite sexes it was a little hard to identify with each other in our teenage years. 
I ideally would like to be done having children before the age of 30. I don’t think that 30 is too old by any means; it’s just a personal preference. I’m 27 now so I figured it was time to get moving! 
So wish us happy baby making & fingers crossed for a girl.
My husband comes from a line of all boys so I guess I’m not counting on it but hoping. I won’t be upset if the next one turns out to be a boy but ya’ know. Mommy wants a girl! 

Breastfeeding. It Just Wasn’t Happening.

With August being National Breastfeeding Month it would only be fitting for me to tell my personal story. I would like to state before I tell my experiences that I support breastfeeding mothers 100%. I think it’s a fantastic, natural, and amazing thing for a mother to be able to provide all of the nourishment that the child needs. The bonding experience stories I hear are truly touching and beautiful.
My story is nothing like that. 
While I was pregnant it was my intention to breastfeed.
After I had Everett, I was moved up into the recovery room and told to feed him. Ummm, Ok. I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t get him to attach for more than 2 seconds at a time. This is the point where I thought to myself, “whelp, probably should have taken those breastfeeding classes.” I had no idea it was going to be this difficult.
I tried and tried and tried. He was screaming. As a first time mom with little newborn experience the crying was unbearable. I couldn’t handle hearing him cry from what I assumed was hunger. 6-8 hours after birth the nurses finally sent in a lactation consultant. I was so excited to meet with her thinking that she was really going to help and teach me what I needed to know. The nurses were just offering me bottles so I was convinced that it was the lactation consultant that I needed to see.
I was so wrong.
The lactation consultant was one of the most unfriendly and unhelpful women I’ve ever met. She helped me get him latched on and literally walked out of the room. He was latching for a second but I couldn’t get him to actually suck! At this point he hadn’t eaten in over 36 hours and we were both overly frustrated. I requested that the nurses bring me a pump so that I could at least feed him from me. That didn’t happen either. She brought in bottles and said she would get the pump.
Fine lady. You win. He ate from the bottle like he’s never eaten before. Oh wait, he hadn’t ever eaten before.
I felt so defeated.
Once I got home I did pump for 3 weeks. I think that pumping is the most exhausting and time consuming process ever. Everett would wake up and I’d change him, feed him a pumped bottle, get him back to sleep, pump, and then he’d be awake to start the entire process again within an hour. I wasn’t getting any sleep and I just couldn’t do it anymore.
It was formula time.
My husband had to do some reassuring because he could tell how upset I was that it didn’t work out like I wanted too. I pictured this tiny little baby gently suckling with ease and I got the complete opposite. I feel like if I had better prepared myself and had more support after birth it could have been a different experience. Looking back I shouldn’t have just given up to what the nurses wanted me to do and I should have stood up for myself more. First time parenting is terrifying and I was just trying to go with the flow. I realize now that I didn’t have a great hospital support team.
My son is now 10 months and happy and healthy. I have a great bond with him and don’t often think back to these days.  I plan on trying again with our second child but again I’m hesitant. I swear if I see that lactation consultant again in the hospital… I’m going to throw a shoe.


Trying On Bathing Suits; Never What I Expect

I get these random bits of self confidence before I go and purchase a new bathing suit. I always think “I’m going to find the perfect one that makes my mom boobs awesome and soon i’ll be gracing the pages of Victoria Secret” haha, yeah right. Too bad every bikini isn’t installed with instant photoshop. 
We had date day yesterday & decided to float the river. {big thing here in Texas} I really wanted a new bathing suit. So I went to Target to try some on. 
{I can’t believe I’m posting these} 
Who am I trying to kid here? A string bikini top and a 9 month old in a pool would mean everyone else in the pools sees the goods. 
black & white? It’s cute but I’m pale enough. Need some color to bring out my “tan”
I ended up settling on this green top. Matches a lot of my bottoms I already have & it’ll stay on.
At the end of the day I need to be proud of my post baby body. Shit, I created, grew, & housed a child for 9 months. I’m in no way the same shape I was before having him but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. 
We had a blast as you can tell by my over zealous “hell yes” arm

The Working Mom; How In The World….

First of all, I drank the punch and joined a lot of my fellow bloggers in the one a day blog challenge. I must be some kind of masochistic because I have quite a bit going on  right now but somehow I will be able to pull it together to accept this challenge. Determination.
I don’t understand how mothers can work full time. 
I don’t understand how mothers can possibly find time in the day to take care of their offspring, maintain the household, & hold on to a steady career. 
After having Everett, I stayed home. I was home with him everyday & every night. Although I loved being around him I felt as if I was “wasting” my newly earned degree and my skills. Around the time he turned 4 months I decided it was time to go back to work. I love my chosen career field as a vet tech and especially emergency medicine. Not only does emergency medicine excite me but it’s evening, weekend, & holiday hours which allow my husband and I to avoid daycare. 
I found the perfect situation for us. One day a week. Sundays. 
I still got to be at home with the baby but got the opportunity to be out in the work force. 
This was working out great for the past 4 months or so
Under circumstances from my employer they have been in quite a bind and I agreed to pick up a lot of the shifts that needed covering. Yes, I agreed to it so this is no way a blame game on them. 
I am scheduled 35 hours this week. 
From 8 to 35 it’s a huge adjustment. I’m exhausted. Mainly because I am working nights and that’s when normal people sleep.
Which brings me to my main point of this post. 
Dear Working Mom,
You’re amazing. You’re incredible. Mad Props.
I don’t know how you do it week after week.

Love, Erin 

Oh, & love to the stay at home moms out there too because that’s no easy task either. 
{day 1 of 30 day blog challenge complete}

What The Hell Happened?!

I’ll be the first to admit it…when I’m sick a few other words you could use to describe me are useless, pathetic, infantile, and ridiculous. If I don’t feel good it quickly becomes impossible for me to do anything. I went to bed Tuesday evening feeling fine and woke up Wednesday thinking that I was going to die. It felt like I was swallowing needles. The pressure in my head and chest was as if a 1000 pound fat sweaty man was sitting on me. Awful.
My illness obviously means nothing to my 9 month old. He’s still going to expect his perfectly toasted waffles and plenty of play time. I tried my best but as soon as nap time hit I was in a coma on the couch. I’m sure this is exactly what other parents do as well but it left quite a bit of housework that hasn’t been completed. My husband has been trying his best to be helpful with all of this but a man’s idea of cleaning up isn’t what I’m expecting. 
Here’s what I mean. This is verbatim a quote from my husband regarding cleaning the toilets.

“If there is poop streaks in the toilet the next time I go pee I just aim the stream at the streaks to try to clean them off” 

You have got to be kidding me Matt. I love you but I don’t love the way you “clean”
So, here I am 48 hours later. I have slept so much and taken so much cold medicine that the past two days are kind of a blur. I still feel like garbage but it’s time to suck it up and get some things done.
  • The laundry is piled up and overflowing in the closet. How does a family of three create so much laundry in just 2 days?! 
  • We have pets. 2 dogs & 2 cats. The house needs to be vacuumed twice a day. You can only imagine the amount of hair I’m currently breathing in.
  • The baby must have gotten into the shoe rack because I tripped over a flip flop in the kitchen this morning
  • A mans idea of the kitchen being cleaned is no dishes in the sink. It’ll be my job to tackle the stuck food & grease that is on the counters.
and so on, and so on, and so on

Two days off for a stay at home mom mean 2 weeks trying to get everything back to the way it was before. I didn’t realize how much I did on a daily basis until I saw the aftermath of doing nothing. 
How does everyone deal with housework and feeling like death?

Parenting Fails

We’ve all seen the parenting fail photos all over the internet. You know the ones; the mom taking half naked selfies while her baby is in the bathtub behind her. Well, I wanted to talk about my personal parenting fails. They aren’t quite like those but still give me quite the laugh when I look back on them.

I’m a first time mom. Before my son, I changed 2 diapers. Exactly 2. I held a baby for maybe a total of 15 minutes. I was inexperienced to say the least but not worried about it. I believed (and still do) that you just have a natural instinct with your children that allows you to take care of them. That being said, just like all other parents (wether they admit it or not) I screw up 🙂

These are a few of my personal favorite “whoops!” moments

  • Everett was 2 days old. He was so fussy and just wouldn’t let me put him down. I had to PEE. You know the kind of urgency… if you don’t go RIGHT THEN you’ll be going to change your pants. So I have him in my arms, I run to the bathroom, turn the corner too quick and BAM! His head is in the wall. 
  • We were out grocery shopping when he was just a few weeks old. I took him out of his carseat to carry him for a while then placed him back into the seat once he was asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up buckling him and since he wasn’t moving at all during this stage, I didn’t worry about it. Paid for the groceries. Put him in the car. Drove home. TOTALLY UNBUCKLED. Shit. 
  • This one has happened quite a few times…  I forget to tighten the top nipple part of his bottle and end up dumping 4-6 ounces of formula on my kid. 
  • This next one my husband and I are both guilty of. We took him out of his carrier which we set on the couch. Lifted him up in excitement and hit his head on the light fixture. We have low ceilings. 
  • Ever buy the wrong size diaper and don’t realize it until you put them on and they pee up through it? I have. 
  • I enrolled Everett in swim lessons at 6 months. He was still very YOUNG but it was something for us to go and do during the week and I really enjoyed them. Our first lesson we were instructed to place them on their bellies and as I was moving my hand down from his chest he went and dunked his entire head under water. I got dirty looks from other parents who were watching. The instructor just laughed. 
*NOTE: None of these head bangs were ever hard enough to warrant medical attention. No marks. No bumps. Don’t judge. 
I learn from each and every one of these experiences and I think that’s what makes us grow as parents! No one is perfect.

 I’d love to hear your stories 🙂

Daily "Beauty" Routine

I just don’t feel like I’m at my best without a shower and a very short routine. Like every other mom, it’s really hard for me to find time for myself but I really try my best on a daily basis. I’m lucky enough that my husband comes home for lunch so pretty much everyday I hop in the shower.  Did you know that it isn’t good to wash your hair everyday? This is a blessing. I have very thick and curly hair [hate it] so it doesn’t get greasy looking quick. After the quick shower I lotion up and apply my face. “My face” consists of mascara [this is a must] and my favorite new product made my Tarte. It’s a BB cream and seriously takes tired looking dull skin to GORGEOUS. If I’m feeling up to it, a little eyeliner.

Hair is a whole different story. If I have an extra long nap from the baby I’ll go ahead and blow dry it. If not, a pony tail it is. I started feeling “blah” with just my boring old pony tails so lately I’ve been rocking the sock bun. I’m so glad this has become popular. I can’t stand the tight to your head one though so i’ve been wearing one really loose and to the side. 
What is everyones daily routine?