Making Memories with American Girl

When I was little, an American Girl was always at the very top of my Christmas list. I remember getting the catalog in the mail and circling just about every single doll and accessory in the entire book. I was so excited when they first came out with the “design your own doll” that was meant to look just like you. I decided to go that route. On Christmas, after ordering through the catalog (pre internet ordering, wow!), I received my first doll which I named Chloe. That same Christmas, my best friend got Samantha who is one of the originals.

We had the best times with them and their appearance shows how much they were played with. I tried so hard to dig up old photos of my best friend and I with our dolls but came up empty handed. I know they’re around somewhere but in the non digital age, it’s so hard to find prints!  I actually have both Chloe and Samantha here at my house now and my 6 year old daughter now plays with them constantly. Funny story is I have no idea how Samantha made the trip from Michigan to Georgia. I just asked my best friend and she said “That’s where Samantha is! I lost her a long time ago.” Whoops.


I love that my daughter has the same love for these dolls that I had. It is so amazing to see her playing with these girls just like I did over 20 years ago.

A few years ago, before I gave her these, she started her American Girl journey off with a Bitty Baby. She named her “Jinny Jana” when she was about 4. I have no idea where that name came from but we just went with it. Two years later, she still plays with her all the time and asks for new accessories to go with her on the regular. She mimics everything I do with her younger sister and it’s just heartwarming to watch.

bitty baby-3

Aria’s newest obsession with the American Girl collection is the Wellie Wishers. I feel like this line is the perfect step between the Bitty Baby and the full sized American Girl Dolls. Each Wellie Wisher comes with their own story and so many accessories. She has the best time using her imagination with them and creating the cutest stories and play adventures.


I was hoping to be able to take my daughter to Atlanta to visit a store for her birthday this passed summer, but COVID. I can’t wait to eventually see how excited she is when it eventually happens one day. In the mean time, we’ll just keep playing at home together.



I absolutely have adored watching the American Girl brand grow over the years and am so happy with where the company has ended up. There is so much diversity and truly something for every girl. Our newest addition to the American girl family is Ashyln from the Wellie Wisher collection. She’s so adorable and my daughter absolutely adores her. Any of the American Girls would make a fantastic gift this holiday season for any girls on your list! Starting the younger ones off with a Bitty Baby all the way up to your older girls with any of the full sized dolls! They are guaranteed to cherish them for a long time to come.

American girl is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $135! You can snag that offer by clicking here. Keep an eye out on their website as well because I have seen a few good sales pop up, which isn’t that often!

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