When I was pregnant with my first baby over 8 years ago now (HOW?!) one of the very first gifts I received was a bottle of Baby Magic lotion from my mom. She used it on both my brother and I as babies and truly believes every baby should smell like Baby Magic. To this day, when she visits, with every diaper change that she helps out with; she’s lathering up the baby in lotion. Baby Magic has been loved by protective parents for over 65 years and we can see why in our family!


The nostalgia behind Baby Magic is just kind of an added bonus for me personally. I think, just like my mom, my favorite thing about it is the smell.  It smells so unbelievably good but is not overpowering in the slightest. All of the lotions that I have used in the line have been thin and easily absorbed into my kids skin. There is nothing worse than a slippery baby. The entire line is also free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes so you can feel comfortable with what is going on your precious baby. It is even recommended by dermatologists for baby’s delicate skin.


You’ll see in the picture above Audrey is holding the No Rinse Wash. It’s another one of my favorite products in the line. Let’s be honest, there is not always time for a bath and babies are so messy. I toss this into the diaper bag. It’s a nice foam so I just apply it to a small burp cloth and wipe her down! It leaves her clean and smelling amazing.


She obviously thinks it’s a lot of fun to play with as well.

I sometimes have trouble finding specific products in store but luckily for me, everything in the Baby Magic line is available on Amazon. Last time I was out and about I was able to find the lotions at Target through so It’s not impossible!


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