My Attempt at Saving this Planet

So this post is going to showoff my “hippie dippie” side. I wish terms like that didn’t exist and everyone out there just gave a shit on what was actually happening to our planet but thus, here we are. Our planet is falling apart and unless people actually make changes it’s likely that my grandchildren won’t be able to call the southern parts of the US home.

I’ve always tried to be cautious of my carbon footprint. I’ve always tried to teach the kids to leave places better than you found them. Recently, I just stumbled upon a series of articles on exactly how bad off our planet really is. In less than 30 years, The northern states are going to have the climate of Dallas. Can you imagine what Dallas will be like?

Regardless, we need to start being better as a society. So it starts here. These are some relatively easy and inexpensive ways to stop being destructive. savetheworld

  1. Get rid of plastic shopping bags. Some states have already banned them and I hope that the entire United States gets on board with this sooner than later. Pick up some reusable bags either at the grocery store or on amazon. This is the set that I have and I absolutely love it. They hold way more than traditional plastic bags and aren’t creating all the extra plastic waste.
  2. Pack lunches without the sandwich bags. My kids take sandwiches to school quite often which meant plastic baggies. I recently switched over to these reusable sandwich bags. They’re easy to wash and dry and so far the kids haven’t thrown them away.
  3. Compost. It sounds a lot grosser and more of a pain in the ass than it really is. A few years ago I bought this compost bin on amazon. Not only am I not wasting food scraps, my plants love me.
  4. Recycle. Actually Recycle. All of those cardboard boxes that things like cereal, mac and cheese, etc come in are recyclable! You mainly need to look at your plastics. Soda bottles, milk jugs, etc., all recyclable. Check with your trash company to see if they offer recycling services, most do. The best thing you can do is not purchase any of the plastics but I know, sometimes it’s hard to avoid.
  5. Don’t buy into fast fashion. This is one thing that has been the hardest adjustment for me. I love shopping for new clothes. I just didn’t realize how much water it takes to just create one garment of clothing. These fast fashion items just end up in our landfills after a couple of wears. The amount of clothing that gets tossed each year in America is insane! To help combat this I’ve been shopping second hand, mainly on Poshmark. I’ve also been trying to resell / donate what I can just so it doesn’t end up in the trash. Kids clothes are tough since they grow so fast / destroy what they have.
  6. Have a vegetarian meal at least once a week. I can’t even get into the meat industry and how wasteful and truly terrible it is environmentally. I am starting to develop more and more negative feelings about it and a lot of it isn’t based on the animals (don’t worry, those feelings are there too.) This is a new goal of mine so we’ll see how the family does!

This is all a work in progress. I feel like if everyone just became a little more conscious of what they were doing the changes that could happen would be amazing. So just start making small changes and work towards bigger and better things. 

* This post contains a few amazon affiliate links. I make a couple bucks off your purchase but it doesn’t change the price of the items.