Staying Connected with Portal by Facebook

I’m pretty sure that most of my readers are aware that we live hundreds of miles away from our hometowns. My parents and family are in the Detroit area, my husbands parents and grandparents are in the Chicago area, and my brother in laws are all in either Denver or Dallas. We’re currently living in Georgia. Needless to say, we’re all scattered across the United States.

It’s tough at times, especially with having kids, but we manage to make it work with lots of group chats, texts, phone calls, and video time.

I recently came across Portal by Facebook.


Portal is a smart video chatting system. You’re able to place it in the room that you’re in and the camera will follow you around the room making it feel like the people on the other end are right there with you! This is particularly amazing when you have kids that have trouble sitting still.

If I had it my way, I’d get myself and all my long distance family the classic 10” Portal unit. I feel like the screen would be big enough to still see when walking around the room and I feel like the $179 price tag isn’t too hefty! is giving away 3 of these 10” Portals in the #ConnectwithPortal Giveaway!

It’s pretty simple to enter. Just head to the entry page here!

The giveaway ends on October 18th at 11:59 PT so make sure to get your entries in before then! Official rules can be found here.

Good Luck! 

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