Welcome Audrey+ VBAC birth story

It took me a few days (okay, 11) to get this post up. We’ve been soaking in all the newborn snuggles and cuddles. On July 2nd we welcomed Audrey Jane via VBAC into the world to complete our family. This birth was by far the easiest and she’s been the sleepiest little peach.


On July 2nd I was scheduled for an induction at 5:30 am. We woke up at 4 and called the hospital to make sure that there was room to induce. Since it was technically an elective induction, I knew there was the possibility of getting bumped for women that were in active labor. Sure enough, all the beds were full and they asked me to call back a few hours later. I called back, still full. They again asked me to call back in a few hours and just basically told me they’d call me after speaking with my doctor  if they could make room. I was pretty discouraged because I had my heart set but kinda put myself into the mind set of “what will be will be.” I decided to start cleaning my house like a mad woman and sure enough just when I was in full swing nesting mode, they called and asked me to come in.

So this induction was elective but since I was going for a VBAC my doctor didn’t want me to go much passed 39 weeks. Audrey was measuring at a great weight so she was comfortable with the induction at 38.5 – I know elective inductions can be quite controversial but I felt like I was doing what was right for us and was assured by my OBGYN that it was fine.


So by noon we were at the hospital. My doctor basically made a recovery suite into a birthing suite to accommodate me. The room was quite small but I could have cared less. I was checked upon arrival and was only 1.5cm dilated and still quite high. I was expecting to be there quite a while before meeting Audrey but to my surprise things progressed really quick.

12:30 – Pitocin was started along with antibiotics since I was GBS positive. I was really comfortable so I was nervous that the drugs really weren’t working. I was also surprised they went straight to Pitocin. I figured since I wasn’t that dilated they would have tried the oral / suppository medications first but doctor knows best right?

2:30 – My doctor came to check me again and I was about 2.5-3 cm so despite being comfortable, it was obviously working. She was able to break my water. Since I had no epidural at this point, this was one of the weirdest sensations ever. With every contraction, water would come out which just felt like I was peeing myself. I was still laughing and relatively comfortable.

5:00 – I made it to 6cm and now was in a great deal of pain. I wasn’t trying to go natural or anything but I didn’t want an epidural until I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted the mobility for as long as possible. It was this time I had the epidural ordered.

5:30 – The epidural was in place and I was a lot more comfortable. I still was feeling a lot but it wasn’t pain so I was happy. They decided to use the peanut ball at this point. I was laid onto my side with a giant ball that looks like a peanut between my legs. I stayed like this for about 45 minutes and kept complaining that my urinary catheter was bothering me. They let me get rid of the peanut ball at this point.

7:30 – At this point I hadn’t been checked in a while and they didn’t expect me to be fully dilated but sure enough… The nurses had just switched shifts and I was still complaining of the urinary catheter bothering me. I didn’t have a good numbing and knew something was going on. There was a ton of pressure.  The nurse asked if I wanted to be checked and I said “might as well.” She immediately called my doctor.

8:03 pm – Audrey Jade was born after just 4 sets of contractions! She was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19.75 inches long. Successful VBAC.


This delivery, despite being an induction, was my easiest. I was prepared for the worst but the results ended up being the best case scenario for me. 7.5 hours from start to finish was absolutely amazing as I was prepared for 24 + hours.

I did have a second degree tear (same as my first delivery) but recovery this time around just feels so much easier. It’s been 100% easier than my c-section delivery for sure. Here I am 11 days postpartum now and besides the lack of consecutive sleep, I’m feeling pretty damn good.




She’s fitting into our world absolutely wonderfully. The kids are so great with her and are eager to help (most of the time) in anyway that they can! I was expecting more jealously but honestly, they’ve been doing great! My mom came to town from the day she was born until yesterday and then my in-laws get here this evening. Matt doesn’t have to go back to work until August so we’re unbelievably lucky.  I’ve been surrounded with lots of love and help which I’m sure is another reason recovery and adjustment has been pretty smooth sailing so far ! <3