Quick Dinners with Marcangelo

It’s no secret that getting things done around the house, including making meals, is tougher with a newborn. I’m generally trying to eat better as I will soon start to work on  toning up this mom bod but it’s not going to work out well if I’m grabbing fast food all the time. That’s where Marcangelo Chicken Breast Strips come into play!


It’s as easy for me as opening a bag of mixed greens, heating up some of these chicken breast strips, and tossing them into a salad. It’s unbelievably quick and I’m still getting some great nutrition into my body.

There are other flavors too besides for the original if you’re looking to spice it up. Marcangelo Chicken Breast Strips also come in Italian style and BBQ.


I think next I’ll try mixing the Italian style with some whole grain pasta. My two older kids love pasta so a meal that everyone can eat is even more of a win for us.

You can find the Marcangelo brand at your local Food Lion store. Food Lion just so happens to be the closest grocery store to our house at less than a mile away so it’s beyond convenient to just run up there really fast and grab what we need.


From now until August 31st, you can save $1.00 on any of the Marcangelo varieties at your local Food Lion store. Just print the coupon included below!


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