Postpartum Recovery with Bellefit

We’re at almost a month since our sweet little Audrey was welcomed into our family. Since my second pregnancy was a c-section and this time I got my successful VBAC; recovery has been much easier on me. I’m sure it has some to do with my method of delivery but also because I’ve been using the Bellefit corset.


The Bellefit corset is a postpartum girdle designed to help bind your abdomen. For me, it’s not about “waist training” but rather gaining that abdominal support. Your body goes through a ton during pregnancy and labor and having the Bellefit on helps everything feel just more secure.

So what exactly is a postpartum girdle? 

From the Bellefit website:

Bellefit® offers the best postpartum girdles and corsets for women recovering from c-section and natural childbirth. The leading medical-grade, doctor recommended postpartum girdle and corset brand; Bellefit® helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy shape and lose the post pregnancy tummy faster.

Bellefit® Postpartum Girdles and Corsets are medical-grade abdominal compression binders made of polyamide fabric and elastane. Their hypoallergenic and micro porous fabric prevents skin rashes by allowing the skin to breathe, thus keeping it fresh and comfortable


I can definitely attest to the fact that they are pretty comfortable. The first time you put it on, it’s a little awkward as your body is still working hard on shifting back to where everything was before 9 months of pregnancy. After the first or second time of putting it on though, buckling all the clasps becomes a breeze. It is also really breathable like they claim it to be. I am running a little hot natured during recovery and it is July in Georgia. I don’t feel like it holds the heat in which was something I was worried about.


I have also suffered with Diastasis Recti from my previous pregnancy and while I was working to repair it, this pregnancy reversed a lot of what I had been working on. If you don’t know, Diastasis Recti basically means that you have a space between your abdominal muscles. Using the Bellefit, has helped me have some of the strength and support in my abdominal muscles that I’ve lost.


Here’s a little glimpse of recovery. Take note that for some reason I still have Christmas lights (in July) and a full basket of laundry hanging out on the floor ready to be put away.

All of pregnancy, birth, and recovery are truly a whirlwind. The forth trimester is no joke but I thank Bellefit for helping make it a little easier.