Parents: Learn to RSVP.

We’ve all seen the viral posts where a child has a birthday party and no one shows up. We see the sad child sitting alone at the table set up for 20 with no friends there to share their special day. These photos and stories literally hurt my heart. It’s because of these and just general curtesy that whenever my kids are invited to a party I always RSVP. We can’t always make every party that we’re invited too and that’s okay! I can always at least know the parent if we’ll be attending or not.

This past weekend we celebrated Aria’s 5th birthday! The school year is over so I made sure to have the invites out about a month before school ended. I heard from ONE parent. ONE. I sent out 22 invitations and got a response from one single parent.

We have a lot of friends who have children so I knew that my daughter would still have other kids there to share her day but this lack of consideration really bothered me. I wouldn’t have cared if I got 22 people that said “I’m sorry, we can’t make it” but only one person bothered to tell me if they’d be attending or not.

This made the planning process a little tough. Did these parents think it was regrets only? Would people show up that didn’t let me know they’d be attending? So we purchased extra “goodie bags” and food just in case.

Lets just say kids left with 2 goodie bags and some people got to take a full pizza home!

So moral of my rant, just don’t be a dick and RSVP; even if you can’t make it. 


Anyways, Aria still had an amazing party.

IMG_1054 IMG_1061 IMG_1069 IMG_1073

Oh, and Costco cake is DELICIOUS.