Third Time Moms’ Hospital Bag

This isn’t my first time packing a hospital bag for a hospital stay after giving birth. The first time I didn’t pack nearly enough of the things I actually needed.  The second time I think I way over packed. This time, hopefully, I’ve got it down.

hospital bag

This list doesn’t include the things I’ll be bringing for baby. This list is just what I’m bringing for me.

  1. Boppy Pillow. This thing helped so much with nursing in the hospital. I was able to position baby comfortably on me which is so important when you’re not feeling the greatest.
  2. Nursing Cover. I had quite a few visitors with my first two and I just like to have the option of a little bit of privacy.
  3. Breast Pads. My milk came in with a fury the second time so not having my shirts soaking wet is a godsend. My last hospital didn’t have any available so I literally had toilet paper shoved into my bra.
  4. Women’s Depends Diapers. The first 24-36 hours I just wear the mesh undies given to me by the hospital but towards the end of my stay when I’m feeling better these things are awesome.
  5. Non Slip – Slipper Socks and regular Slippers. So comfy! My feet were freezing the entire time I was in the hospital even with my summer baby.
  6. Eye Mask. Hospitals are bright even at night sometimes. It was nice to have a mask to take naps especially during the day.
  7. Big ole’ Granny Panties. I like to have the option to wear “normal” underwear as well.
  8. Toiletry Bag. I pack travel sizes of my essentials. Shampoo, Conditioner, Hairspray, Hair Ties, My Favorite Scrunchie, Chapstick, Toothbrush, and Toothpaste!
  9. Clothes. I plan to bring 2 pairs of PJ pants, 2 nursing tanks, clothes to go home in, and a robe. I realized last hospital stay that I don’t change clothes nearly as much as I thought I would!

Then when labor actually starts I’ll toss in a few more things! 

  1. Chargers.
  2. iPad to watch Netflix. Last hospital stay the ONLY channel that came in clearly was HGTV and there was a property brothers marathon on for 3 days. I still can’t watch it.
  3. Light makeup and blowdryer. Theres something about that first shower and doing my hair and a little bit of makeup that just makes me feel human again.
  4. Kindle. Reading helps me pass the time and relax.
  5. My own pillow and blanket. I couldn’t stand the hospital pillows and scratchy blankets.
  6. Snacks. I just bring a few little things like granola bars and some trail mix. You never know if the kitchen will be open and how hungry you’ll be right after delivery or in the middle of the night! I’d rather have a few things with me than make my husband run around.


I feel like I have it down pat this time but we’ll see!
My bags are officially packed and I’m ready whenever this little lady tells me it’s time!