Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

I wanted to tell my personal story on bleeding in early pregnancy. I’ve had bleeding in almost all of my pregnancies and each time I went against my better judgement and googled things. I spent way more time than I’d like to admit just reading comments, blog posts, and searching for outcomes. 99% of of those things we’re all negative.

I’m telling my story.



Seven (wow!) years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I was around 8-9 weeks pregnant and started some heavy bleeding. I’m talking red, period like, clots. I was instructed by my OBGYN to go to the emergency room to get checked out. I did. They did an ultrasound and said there was no reason that they could find that I was bleeding. My son had a normal heartbeat and everything looked fine. I was sent home with a diagnosis of a “threatened miscarriage” and placed on a wait and see type of plan. I was told to take it easy and see what happens. Well, I had basically a short normal period. The bleeding lasted 3-4 days. I went back to my regular doctor for another ultrasound and everything looked great. I now have a healthy, crazy, 6.5 year old son.

With my second pregnancy, Aria, I had no bleeding. I was almost waiting for it but nothing ever happened. Thank goodness.

Here comes the more dramatic parts: 

Over a year ago we decided to expand our family once again. I was tracking ovulation and all that good stuff for months. I was doing what I said I would never do: take pregnancy tests before my missed periods. Twice over several months I had faint positive tests before my missed periods. Twice I ended up bleeding within a week of when period was due. I had two chemical pregnancies and was diagnosed with secondary infertility.

So, This past October – early November, once again another positive test. I was planning a fun pregnancy surprise for my husband. These tests were taken after my period was supposed to start so I thought THIS IS IT! I was on progrestone supplements.

I started bleeding… AGAIN. I told him “Well, I was planning a fun pregnancy surprise for you but I’m having another chemical pregnancy.” I went to the doctor for my usual HCG levels and they were in the high 200’s. That wasn’t typical of my past chemicals. I went back 48 hours later and they were close to 1000. So again, not typical of a chemical but typical for a healthy pregnancy. I stopped bleeding. I went in for an ultrasound a little later and BAM! Heartbeat.

Fast forward to 7-8 weeks pregnant, I start red bleeding again like I did with my son. I called my office and they urged me to go to the emergency room. I stayed calm and went in. It was an exact repeat of what happened 7 years ago. There was no explanation for the bleeding but I left with another diagnosis of “threatened miscarriage.”

Now, here I am at 20 weeks pregnant. Everything is looking flawless.


So while bleeding in pregnancy is terrifying, don’t fall into all of the horror stories you’ll see on the internet. Sometimes there are positive outcomes even if you never get a reason why it happened to you.