2018 Easter Baskets

I don’t know why easter and easter baskets stress me out. I guess it’s because I’m trying to put things in it that 1) my kids will like 2) aren’t complete trash that will just get thrown away and 3) will fit in the basket!  I  also don’t like to go overboard and treat Easter like a second Christmas. I still, just like any parent, want to make it fun and see them get excited.

I should point out that we aren’t a religious family so we literally just celebrate the easter bunny and the coming of spring! The bunny comes in and brings surprises for them to enjoy during spring time.

I browsed the pre-made baskets at the store and just felt like my kids would eat the candy and then break any of the toys that were in there in a sugar fueled rage.

So instead… 

This is what I came up with this year.



These are the same baskets they’ve had since their very first easter! I got them at Pottery Barn kids on mega sale years ago and they’ve held up fantastic.



So what exactly did I put in them this year?

Aria [3.5 years old] & Everett [5.5 years old]

  • 2 swim suits
  • spring / summer sandals
  • 3 jars of playdoh
  • sidewalk chalk
  • hatchimal eggs
  • slinky
  • cotton candy
  • chocolate bunny
  • educational book [preschool or kindergarten workbook]
  • scented markers [mostly for me, I’m obsessed]
  • silly putty
  • blank drawing pad

I put pretty much identical things in each basket to avoid the inevitable fight between them if they’d had gotten different things. There’s, of course, sugar in there but with all the egg hunts they’re going too, I really didn’t want to fill the basket with more. I was going to be buying swim suits and sandals anyways so why not toss them into the basket! I feel like everything in there will be used this spring and don’t feel guilty since I didn’t fill them with a bunch of junk that will get thrown away in a day!