Local Events: Augusta on Ice

Last night my family and myself got the pleasure of checking out Augusta on Ice. It’s a local event that includes ice skating, an ice slide, train rides, Santa visits, and food and drink. I’m all about community events so I was stoked to go and check it out. Plus, it’s not everyday that you get to play on the ice in Georgia!


Growing up in the north (Michigan) sledding and ice skating was just a typical winter activity. I forgot how much I missed it but loved that I could get that winter feeling here in my new home of Augusta. I also love that I was able to give my kids a glimpse of what my winters were like growing up!


The kids had a blast sliding down the ice slide and racing cars down the ice ramp. Augusta on ice is definitely family orientated and had a lot of smaller activities to keep the kids occupied and entertained.


The highlight of Augusta on Ice is definitely the ice skating. There is no extra fee to rent skates and they have sizes for everyone. Since it was our kids first time on ice, they had “skate helpers” there to assure that they felt comfortable until they could get the hang of it. They never really were able to skate around without the helper but I didn’t expect them to be able too!


Everett was mad when it was time to leave as you can tell by this picture and of course his little sister needs to try to emulate the arms crossing.

I would suggest everyone go out and give Augusta on Ice a shot; especially if you have little ones. It’s a fun afternoon / evening out experiencing winter activities.


Augusta on Ice
836 Reynolds Street
Augusta, GA 30901

Currently open now through January 6th, 2018.

Check out Augusta on Ice’s website here for specific hours and special events.