Meet Carla

My best friend and I have a very strange but amusing relationship. We’ve been friends since first grade (25 years!) and we just kind of get each other. We live 12 hours away from each other so distance is a total jerk but we make the best of the situation. We’ve started a new tradition where we take a girls only trip once a year, we text every so often, and sending the occasional package.

The day before Halloween a package showed up addressed to the “Pinecone family.” My last name is Piccione but telemarketers often mispronounce it and call me Erin Pinecone. Well, I knew it was from her. I also knew the contents were going to be strange because that’s just who we are as people.

I opened the card and inside it said “I tried to find the weirdest things I could on Etsy.”

I was filled with excitement and terror all at the same time. 

Sure enough.

A taxidermy Guinea Pig.


Meet Carla.

I laughed until I cried. Being a vet tech you’d think this sort of thing wouldn’t fly with me, but I’m the exact opposite. I find it unbelievably humorous. The pet Guinea pig wasn’t murdered for the reason of being mounted on my wall, she [or he] lived a happy little pig life.


So, I think I win the strangest Halloween gift recipient contest. If that were a contest.

I can’t forget to mention the fact that this package also contained a vagina pin. The pin that you stick on your clothing, bag, wherever is the exact replica of a vagina. I’m afraid if I post a picture someone will flag my blog post for pornography.