One Kids Back in School …

My oldest son, who is 4 and a half, went to a 3 day a week part time preschool last year. It was only for a few hours each time he went so I didn’t get the full experience of having a child in school. This year is different and I’m learning a few things.

back to school

Everett started public preschool this year which is 5 days a week and it runs from 8:30 in the morning to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s only the first week but he’s over the moon excited about this new adventure.


Aria, who just turned 3, is going to be going to the same 3 day a week program that Everett went to last year. Hers doesn’t start for a few more weeks. She’s excited about it when we talk about school but she’s even more excited to not have her brother home during the day. They get along most of the time but there is always some kind of argument over toys, food, electronics, etc. She’s quickly learning that Everett in school means it’s a free for all when it comes to the kids things.


So now, what am I learning? 

  • It’s amazing how quiet it is in the house with only one kid. It’s overly apparent to me now how much they feed off each other. No fighting and minimal crying.
  • I’m almost less productive when I seem to have more free time. It’s funny how this works but with less distraction around and more time to do things I need to do, I just want to do nothing.
  • Everett is overly independent when he wants to be. I think I was more nervous than him for his first day then he even was. He even used the phrase “Mom, you’ve gotta let me grow up.”
  • The house stays SO much cleaner when my son is in school. This leads me to believe all the times over the summer that he said “Aria made that mess” he was completely full of it.
  • There is an unreal amount of time spent in the car when they don’t offer busses and it’s only going to get worse when she starts school.
  • I’m way less of a morning person than I even thought I was. I’m used to getting up with them and taking my time to wake up and get moving. Now, with places to be at certain times, I actually have to move my ass and I’m not liking it. I work evening shifts so mornings are quite disgusting.

Big changes around here with schedules means major adjustment time for me. I’m one of those people that takes a while to build up a new routine. I’m sure come summer vacation, I’ll have it down.