Why I Cancelled My “Cheap” Subscription Boxes

I’m not writing this post to knock anyone or put down any specific subscription boxes or services.  I’m only going off my personal experience. As a subscription box fanatic, over the years, I’ve learned what I like and what does / does not work for me. So I’m purely coming from a place of personal experience.

subscription boxes

The number one box I just decided to cancel is one that super popular. You know, without naming any names, the one that comes with five items in a different bag each month? I enjoyed it for almost 2  years but then went though my makeup drawer a few weeks ago and noticed that 99% of the stuff piling up was from that bag! I wasn’t using even 25% of it so I was basically paying to stockpile my drawer with samples and my closet with little bags. Not worth it in the least for me. I hate clutter and every month I was just gaining more.

The next box I cancelled was from a very well known makeup store. It was the exact same situation. I was finding maybe one item every 3 months that I was enjoying and the rest was just being buried in the makeup graveyard.

Sample sized subscription boxes just don’t work for me. The problem is that I am on a budget but I also love what I call “happy mail.”

Since I cancelled those two boxes and saved myself $20 a month I decided to look around and see if there was anything else that would bring me the surprise mail joy but be more useful to me.

I found the Pop Sugar Must Have Box. It’s a little pricier than the sample sized boxes but 100% worth it.


This was the box that I got from Pop Sugar in June. I’m loving instead of makeup that sits in my drawer, I’m getting an assortment of full sized products that are beyond just beauty. I’m a huge reader so seeing a box was exciting on it’s own.

All the boxes are themed. This June was geared for summer so you have the mermaid hair (amazing) the beach bag to keep your wet stuff separate, the hat for sun protection, and the book for relaxation.

The next box I decided to finally splurge on is Fab Fit Fun.

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Fab Fit Fun is by far my favorite seasonal subscription box. It comes 4 times a year but realistically I’d probably pay the $49.99 monthly if it were an option. This was the last box and I’m obsessed. It had about 10 products in it and I loved each and everyone of them. It had a combination of jewelry, accessories, and even a water bottle. I always see Fab Fit Fun being endorsed by celebrities and thought it was just a huge gimmick. That was until I gave it a try myself. 10/10 would recommend.

So while the “cheaper” options were fun for a while I’m happy I decided to splurge. I’m actually using and loving the products I’m getting and not just letting them collecting dust.

*note: this post DOES contain referral links.

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What are some of your favorite subscription services?