Second Child Potty Training Woes

We’re driving the struggle bus hard with potty training my second child. Aria just turned 3 in June and wants nothing to do with her potty. She doesn’t care if she’s wet, dirty, or have any interest in not wearing diapers. Whoever coined the phrase “boys are much harder to potty train”  didn’t meet my children.  I wrote a post back right before Everett turned three about how he basically potty trained himself. Maybe my expectations were that I would be able to follow her cue like I was with him but that isn’t happening, yet.


Now, I understand the entire “wait till they’re ready thing.” I really do. It’s just we’re running out of time for her to be ready. I have her enrolled in a 3 day a week preschool program starting in August that they have to be potty trained for. I have been in contact with her teacher and they’re okay with sending her in a pull up but will call me if she has a “messy” accident. Knowing she always poops in the late morning, I don’t want to have to drive up there daily to go change her. My son went to this program last year and benefited so much from it. I don’t want to deny her the chance to do the same just because she doesn’t want to use the potty. So, we’re trying to encourage her the best we can.


She’s doing her fake smile for the camera but in reality she’s really mad she has to sit there.

So what have we tried?

  • We told her about the “diaper fairy” who will come take all the diapers to babies who need them. We explained to her that she is a big girl now and can use the big girl potty. To make the diaper fairy sound more exciting we explained that she will leave her new big girl undies and a present. She could care less.
  • We let her use the iPad only while sitting on the potty. She loves messing around with the electronics and while she will sit there with it, she doesn’t want to actually go.
  • Tried motivating her with stickers. This girl loves her some stickers but when it comes to being rewarded with them, she doesn’t want tons to do with them.
  • I let her pick out her own big girl undies and told her if she goes in them we’re going to have to get rid of them. She seemed really upset when she “made hello kitty cry” but it hasn’t stopped her from doing it.
  • Currently going sans pants around the house. We’ll see if that helps. This might just be to help my sanity because I am getting extra sick of more laundry.
  • We’ve tried some of her favorite snack rewards. She just gets emotional and wants them wether she has gone or not.

So I know that time is really the only thing that is going to truly help her get ready. If she’s not there in 4 weeks then looks like I’ll be driving up to the school to change her. That sounds awful but I bet seeing other kids in her class using the bathroom could be beneficial to the process. The program has so many benefits academically and socially that I really don’t want her to miss out on.

Stay tuned and if you have any other tips on motivation, please share!