People Love Free, Even When It’s Junk

I love using the Facebook “Marketplace” to sell things that I no longer need around the house. I like to think of myself as one of those minimalist type people. I can’t stand clutter.  If it doesn’t get used, it gets sold, donated, or tossed. Simple as that.

We’re prepping the house for a birthday party this weekend. The garage is one of those places in the house that doesn’t often get a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning and organizing. It’s been driving me nuts for a while now so I finally convinced the husband to help me go though it. There was so much crap. Seriously, unbelievable amount of garbage. We’ve been in this house for over 2 years and most of it we haven’t touched since we put it in there the day we moved in.

I tossed most of it or in the case of the 3 cases of empty and clean beer bottles, recycled. Don’t worry, we brewed beer. We weren’t just hoarding bottles.

I had an old futon in the garage that was upstairs holding blankets for a while. It was big, uncomfortable, and completely unnecessary. I tossed it into the garage to bring out for garbage night. The garbage company wouldn’t take it because it’s an “oversized” item and I had to pay for special pickup. Nope, I’ll toss it on Facebook for free. It was gone in just over 3 hours. I had at least 45 messages in the first hour asking for it.

I also had about 25 cans of paint that literally came with the house. Some of the cans were from when the house was painted originally 10+ years ago. Those cans were also claimed within 2 minutes.


I didn’t clean up the stuff, stage it for any photos, or do anything creative to get it gone. Just writing the word “free” was enough to have my inbox blown up the entire evening. I guess people love free even when it’s complete garbage.

Oh, and I did warn the people. I told them how dirty and uncomfortable that futon is. It’s seriously awful. The paint might be completely dried up in these cans. I didn’t open them to care to find out; no cares from the interested parties.