Mom Code



There is an unspoken code that all mothers should follow. Some things on my list should be no brainers and others are a little harder to accomplish. Regardless, this is a list of things we shouldn’t say to each other and things we should / shouldn’t be doing to ourselves.  Sit back, have some coffee [or wine]  and lets talk mom code!

  • A woman holding a baby may still look like she’s carrying a child. She may still have a “belly” forever after having a baby. Pregnancy does crazy things to our bodies! Never ask anyone when their due date is unless you’re 100000% you’re seeing a belly with a baby inside
  • Don’t lecture other moms on breastfeeding. Everyone has their reasons why they are doing it or why they aren’t. I don’t care why you chose what you chose, just feed your kid.
  • Sometimes after you have a baby you grow hair back a lot differently than before. I had some pretty noticeable sideburns after having both of my kids. They’re gorgeous. Don’t question a new mom on decision to now have bangs.
  • Don’t touch other people’s kids! You may see a cute baby and have the urge to snuggle and kiss it. STOP IT. You’re a stranger.  Hands off.
  • Speaking of touching, don’t ever touch a pregnant woman’s stomach. Believe it’s still party of her body and it’s not socially acceptable to just walk around groping people.
  • If you see a mother and her child has a dirty face, they’re both in pajamas, and she looks like she hasn’t slept in a month; don’t you dare judge her. Every mom has those days, weeks, and sometimes even years.
  • I know this is tough, but don’t compare yourself to other moms. Motherhood isn’t a game of who’s doing it the best; it’s a game of being the best mother that you can be. & Sometimes even harder, don’t compare your kids to other kids. You’ve heard it a million times, they’re all different. Every kid is different.
  • If possible, rely on your significant other and other people around for help as much as you can. It’s okay to need a break; ask for one!
  • Remember: It’s not good to wash your hair everyday and messy buns are totally in style.
  • Don’t automatically run and call child protective services if you see a kid with a few bruises and/or a black eye. My kids are extremely clumsy and are covered in bruises. Toddlers are destructive to everything in their paths including themselves.
  • Although you may want to feed your family (kids included) gorgeous and healthy home cooked meals, don’t be surprised if something like “eat your cheese it’s and then you can have a cookie” come out of your mouth *true story*

What kind of things are on your list of “mom codes?” 


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    LMAO I love the airplane one! That is perfect! I hate it when we are somewhere public my child is having a meltdown and people are sighing and and making comments. Seriously the passive aggressive person in me wants to make it more drawn out and miserable for ya!
    Oh and to your last one funny but true story. I raised my younger two siblings pretty much I was a young teen around 17 and was out with them. I have never looked my age still don’t (34) I always have looked much younger. I recall taking them skating and a lady came up to me and said I had two of the most beautiful young children. I just stared blankly at her and was like ya those are my siblings but thanks I’ll be sure to let my parents know.
    Fast forward to around the time I was 22 or so and I had my son with me who was about a year old and I was told I was a great big sister for taking care of my younger brother! When I gave that same blank stare she said oh I am sorry are you the nanny? I was like um ya if thats what they are calling moms now yep thats me!

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      My son has been on planes since 7 weeks old (almost once a month!) Every time I get the dirty look “oh no, not a baby” he’s been so good every single time. The passive aggressive person in me was hoping for at least a little freakout to get under those who give dirty looks.
      HAHAHA what is wrong with people?! I don’t understand how they just assume things like that!

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    I love your list. I’m the guilty one who always has my hair in a pony tail (not because I don’t want to do other fancier stuff with, but because of lack of tools and hand and eye coordination to make it look great!) Everything else, I’m good on. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Ink, but I love Ink Master. I watch many shows I shouldn’t too. 🙂

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    After reading this and a lot of other blogs, I have come to the conclusion that when I’m pregnant, I’m going to be mean. Fair warning! Anyone who touches me without expressed permission is getting punched in the throat. I also have little patience for lectures from strangers.

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    So funny! Am guilty of watching all kinds of trash TV and have to admit that Girl Code is on that list. It makes me laugh and makes me feel not so old (even though I am). Have been wanting to write my own Mom Code post and that’s how I came across yours. The toddler with the black eye just happened to me and I felt like the world’s worst mother, especially taking her out in public where I received many comments on it from old women who you think would be too blind to even notice it!

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    i am LOVING this post. I am 18 weeks pregnant but I am already irritated just thinking of what people say or the “mom shaming” that goes around. I already don’t want people touching my belly (it hasn’t happened yet) but just thinking about it irritates me! haha
    Same with the breastfeeding. Of course I plan to, but it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone and all I’m concerned with is whether or not my child is fed.