I’ve Got The Kid Crud

Everett started school (Pre-K) a few weeks back. In fact, this week will only be his third full week. In that short amount of time he’s managed to bring home all of the germs.


I knew when my kids started going to school and being around other children that they would wind up with different illnesses. I expected it. What I didn’t expect was it to happen the first week and I sure as hell didn’t expect for it to take me out.

He came home from school one day with a slight fever. The fever was gone in just a couple of hours and then he had a runny nose for the next two days. That was it. He was back to being full speed ahead and didn’t even have to miss school or soccer practice.  Once he was better Aria got it. She had a fever for a little longer and a runny nose for a few extra days but it wasn’t anything too bad.

Then I got it. It started as a horrific sore throat on Thursday and Friday. Then it decided to move to my nose on Saturday. By Sunday, I could hardly get off the couch. Here we are on Monday and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. The things I’m coughing up are things of nightmares.

It’s just amazing how these things manifest in children vs. adults. It brings me back to last year when Hand Foot Mouth [click here to read about that disaster] ran through our house. My kids were better in a few short days and I had it for almost 10. I guess it’s better it’s me than it is them but dammit, I have things to do! I know this is only the beginning my kid crud journey; My immune system better step it up a notch or seven.