Daily Parenting High vs. Low Struggle

I always figured with kids you’d have your “good” days and your “bad” days. While that’s often the case in the general sense, I never realized how those highs and lows were going to change minute by minute. ParentingHighsandLows

I have two toddlers. It’s obviously not going to be peaches and ice-cream all the time around my house. In fact, most of the time it’s not. Someone is whining for something, someone can’t find a toy, or someones upset about something they lost 6 months ago. That’s just the way it is. It’s just amazing how amazing things can be going and how quickly they can turn at the drop of a hat.

It was a school day and I woke both kids up. I value sleep as much as they do so waking them up was unheard of until Everett started school. We’re working on getting into the routine but some days are a complete struggle. This particular day, they work up without issues, got dressed, teeth brushed, and ate breakfast without one single complaint. They even kept quiet while their dad slept! [he’s on an overnight shift so this is impossible some days] We got to school on time and the entire way there Everett talked to me about how good he was going to be and how he promised me he was going to listen to his teachers. 4 hours later I go to pick him up and he’s in the time out chair. First offense was poking and the second was putting his shoes in someones face. Seriously? Well, I had to listen to him scream about me taking away the iPad for the next 45 minutes. He wakes up from a short nap after we got home and never mentioned it again.

Then the evening rolled around and I made dinner as usual. I always try to offer my picky kids whatever the adults are eating because 1) I want them to eat well and try new things and 2) it’s a total pain in the ass to make them something separate to eat. I made a breakfast bake with sausage and eggs. They absolutely devoured their entire servings. BOTH of them.

everettdinner copy

I set them down and take off Aria’s diaper for about two seconds while I put their dishes into the sink. I come back and she had run into the playroom, pooped on the floor, and was playing in it. Fighting the instinct to vomit (I don’t want to clean that too) I throw her into the shower. I went from an “awww! I’m so glad you guys ate all your dinners and behaved at the table” to trying to make sure all the pieces of poop go down my shower drain in about 4 minutes flat.

Ariashower copy

Finally, all the poop is cleaned up, the kitchen mess is in order, and the kids are almost ready for bed. Everett requests to watch the Little Mermaid before bed and I allow it. I’m sitting there snuggling an overtired Aria and Everett says to me “Ariel is beautiful just like you mama.” Seriously, melt.

It’s days like today that really show me what an emotional rollercoaster that parenting is. One minute your child does the sweetest thing on the planet or behaves amazingly and the next minute their playing in their own poop or shoving their shoes in another kids face at school. This is what I call the daily high and low struggle with parenting.