Make Your Morning [ & Day ] Go Smoother

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that he thinks that self help books are just there to help people create problems in their minds that they don’t really need to fix thus selling more books. To a point, I can agree with him. I don’t think that what someone reads in any book is going to complete change their lives unless they adapt what they’re reading to themselves. You’re not going to read a book on how to fix your marriage and have every single thing apply to you, right? Well, recently I read a book called “The Miracle Mornings” by Hal Elrod and chose to take some of his tips and methods  and apply them towards my life.


I’ve never been a huge morning person. I almost always use to wake up with a bad attitude because I was still tired and wasn’t ready to start my day. Well, when you have two small kids, there is no choice in the matter anymore. You have to get up when your kids get up. So, that’s what I was doing for the longest time. I was waking up when the kids woke up and then starting my day.

I wasn’t getting any peace in the morning. From the moment I opened my eyes someone needed something and it was complete chaos. The kids were hungry. The dogs needed to be fed. Doing all that in a state of being half awake just plain sucked. So, I changed what I was doing.

So my first step is that I wake up earlier than everyone. It sounds counter productive to someone who doesn’t enjoy mornings but waking up and having my own time and my own little routine really helps me to wake up and be alert when the chaos of children starts to happen. Getting out of bed is really the hardest part but once I’ve done that I begin my little routine.

  1. Drink a big glass of water. No matter how much water you had the day before, you’re always going to wake up slightly dehydrated. I drink a big glass of water as I get my coffee / tea ready.
  2. Read for purpose. Wether it be a book that’s inspiring me at the moment or a news article, I read something that isn’t Facebook. I try to start out the day using my brain and think about things.
  3. Take a moment and sit in silence. Enjoy the quiet around you. Meditate. Whatever it is that helps you find some mental balance.
  4. Light exercise. This isn’t the time for me personally to go hardcore and run 15 miles [not that I have ever run 15 miles] I like to spend a few minutes stretching and prepping my body for general movements of the day.
  5. Planning. If you know anything about me, I like to plan. I write down what my “goals” aka shit I need to do that day are. I make a very loose plan for that day to help keep me on track.
  6. Journaling / Creative Work.  I’m obviously really into writing or I wouldn’t blog so i’ll sit down for a just a few minutes and write down some idea. I might journal about something that happened to me. I might doodle. I might color for a few minutes. This is kind of the spot where you have to find your own little creative niche. Just find something that inspires you and do that.

After all is said and done, it takes me about 45 minutes – 1 hour. So I find myself getting up at about 7:30 in the morning. Not too bad [yes, I have late sleepers] Once the kids are awake I already feel quite accomplished for the day. I don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about things that I need to get done or wishing I had time to do something that I already did that morning. My brain and body feel energized and I’m ready to tackle the day.


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    I love the idea of doing something creative in the morning and getting your brain working. I do some writing in the morning usually, and it get’s me ready to actually start my day.