DIY Charging Station


I have been talking about making one of these charging stations for literally over a year. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for organization and electronics. Well, it’s been driving me crazy that I have chargers scattered throughout the house. I couldn’t take it any longer and decided it was time to create one space where everything could be charged and housed when not in use.

The best part of this project was how simple it was.



  1. A box. I ended up deciding on this gorgeous floral patterned gift box from Target. The cardboard is thin enough that it’s easy to cut through but it doesn’t fray and ruin the pattern when you slice into it creating the holes.
  2. A boxcutter to make nice holes for the cords to go through.
  3. A power strip.

The process itself took about 15 minutes and was pretty easy as long as you’re decent with a boxcutter.


  1. Cut one large hole in the back to fit the power strip through.
  2. Cut 5-6 smaller holes on the side opposite the power strip to put your charging cords through. Some charges are bigger which need bigger holes; no big deal. Just cut the holes to fit.
  3. I plugged everything in as I was going to assure that everything I wanted was going to fit on the power strip. I have 6 outlets on the strip and 5 things plugged in.


The inside of the box is a total hot mess but that’s okay because that’s why the box has a lid. It hides all the ugliness and clutter of cords which is one of the reasons I made the box in the first place.


My nightstand was the perfect spot to keep my new charging station. I’m in love with how it looks and even more in love with the functionality of my newest DIY project.


  1. says

    This is such a great idea. ♥

    Most of my recharges do not heat up but I would suggest double-checking it. Don’t want a fire.