5 Difficult Things About Having An Independent Toddlers

Gaining independence is a normal part of growing up for every kid. It’s supposed to be an amazing time in our lives as parents, watching them grow and learn to do things for themselves. Most of the time it is.  Then again, sometimes it’s awful.


  1. They suddenly have an opinion on every little thing. This first happened one morning when I was picking out what my son was going to wear that day. He turned and looked at the shirt I had in my hand and said, “No mom, that’s ridiculous.” He wouldn’t for the life of me put on the adorable shirt I had chosen. He had to have one of his over worn and stained dinosaur t-shirts that really shouldn’t even be used as PJ’s.
  2. Snacks become overly complicated. I can’t just grab something from the pantry or fridge and hand it to my toddler anymore. When he has a specific taste for something, and he really wants whatever it is, it’s near impossible to get him to eat something else.
  3. He wants to prep his own food. This is adorable, except when you’re in a rush or it’s something really messy. My son loves clementines and will eat 3-5 a day if I let him. He now has to peel them himself which is fine except for the fact that he whines the entire time about how hard it is.

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  4. Leaving the house now takes at least an hour. I can’t just grab the kids and run out the door anymore. He has to put on his own shoes. He has to pick out his shirt. He has to figure out which toy he wants to bring with him. There is also no rushing this process.
  5. The messes an independent child makes are beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Since he thinks he can do everything himself, he tries, and quite often fails. The most recent event involved me taking a quick shower. I put a children’s show on, gave both kids a snack, and jetted into the bathroom for all of 5 minutes. I come out and Everett says “I cooked eggs!” Well, he got a few eggs from the fridge and cracked them onto the floor. Thanks kid! He can’t operate the stove as it’s child locked but if it wasn’t, he’d sure try!

Watching your child grow up and discover the world is an amazing thing! It’s just sometimes the most annoyingly adorable thing. It’s a game of choosing your battles now with these creatures. Choose wisely!


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    I definitely identify with all these!! I’m lucky mom to a really strong willed 4 year old who wants to do everything herself. I guess she gets away with it a lot of times because she’s the middle child 😉