Everett’s Third Birthday


It feels like just yesterday I found out my husband and I were expecting a baby, and here we are, three years old. Everyone told me how fast the time would go by and they were 100% right. I blinked and was throwing today’s birthday bash.

The month of October is completely hectic and insane for our family this year. I’m traveling a lot for weddings but we had to do something special for our birthday baby. So, on his actual birthday, October 6th, we made it happen.

I woke him up with a birthday message from his absolute favorite characters, Paw Patrol. If you haven’t signed up for this service, it’s a completely free, customized birthday call from a Nick Jr. character of your choice. He was so excited that “Marshall” said his name and the day was off to a great start.

We woke up his sister, had breakfast, got dressed and were off to the toy store. I know all kids are absolutely obsessed with the idea of going to the toy store but this kid asks about it on a weekly basis. I decided it would be a fun tradition instead of surprising him with a gift to take him and let him pick out his own toys. He was cracking everyone up in the store yelling “OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT ALL THE TOYS!” He settled on a Paw Patrol toy (of course) and a 300 piece set of building blocks. Seriously, kill me now.

During the evening we had a small birthday party with just a few friends planned for him at Chuck-e-Cheese. It’s not my favorite place in the world but on a weeknight it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was anticipating. The most important thing is that he had the best time. He was all smiles the entire time. It’s worth two hours of screaming kids to see your own that happy.

Now it’s time to overload you with pictures, duh.

He wasn't too sure about the place when he first got there. A little overwhelmed I'm assuming but that lasted all of 30 seconds.

He wasn’t too sure about the place when he first got there. A little overwhelmed I’m assuming but that lasted all of 30 seconds.


He couldn’t get enough of this game. It’s basically just whacking things on a screen with a hammer. Whatever floats your boat kid.


This is my favorite picture of the night. Can you get anymore excited than that? We went into the “ticket blaster” together where you just go and collect tickets that are flying around you. His grand total was 0.

Messy Cake Face.

Messy Cake Face.


He didn’t want to end his night but finally I got him to settle down. He’s sporting some brand new PJ’s and playing with his entire Paw Patrol crew.

We had an absolutely fantastic day and most importantly he felt special, excited, and loved.