Unique Handbags from Jahning + Giveaway


If you’re anything like me, you are drawn towards things that are a little out of the box. I like both clothing and my accessories to be something that makes a personal statement and can’t be picked up all across the county at the mall. Of course, I have to settle sometimes but when I get an opportunity to showcase a company so creative and unique, like Jahning, I jump on that chance.


So when I say unique, I really mean unique. Some of these bags can take months to create. They use a process called “Batik” which means that it’s a technique used to dye on the cloth. Batik uses a special instrument known as “canting”. This instrument is a small copper container that can be filled with wax. It has bamboo or wooden handle and a spout which is used to make lines, points, and dots. So in la mans terms, these bags are tedious to create, time consuming, but absolutely gorgeous.

This is how they have been creating bags (and other fabrics) in Indonesia for centuries and Jahning is keeping on with the amazing tradition. You can get a great look at all of the unique bags and keep up with the always changing looks on their Instagram page found here.


I was sent the two bags shown in the second picture of this post. I decided not to be greedy and give one away to a lucky reader! I couldn’t decide on what one I wanted to keep but after days (seriously) of staring at them hanging in my closet, I decided to keep the darker print one shown above. I have a lot more outfits that it’ll go better with and that’s the only reason. I really adore them both equally.

So, who’s ready for giveaway time? Just submit the requests in the rafflecopter below. All entries will be verified so don’t try cheating; no body likes a cheater. Since I have both bags with me, I’ll be responsible for shipment of the prize. US residents only, please!


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