Direct Sales Etiquette; How Not to Be an Asshole


This is a post that I felt a strong need to write. I am becoming very passionate about this topic out of pure annoyance of things that are going on around me. I am personally in direct sales so I see it from both point of views but I totally understand why direct sales are quickly getting a bad name. People are turning into complete assholes with it.

social media

Social media is where most of the problems arise so that is what I’m really going to focus on. People can really annoy you in person if given the chance but honestly, you can just walk away from that.

  • Don’t just add people to mass Facebook groups .One of the worst offenses in my opinion is adding someone to a facebook “group”, not contacting them at all about it, and repeatedly posting. I had to try really hard to leave these groups and put a stop to the notifications. I’m not sure if the creators realize but everyone in that group is getting a notification every single time something is posted until they change their settings. You have to go to the group after you’re added and physically leave it.

Please don’t add people to groups unless either they 1) request to be in it or 2) you personally message them and tell them about the group and that you’re going to be adding them.


This is one of the groups that I was added too. I was not messaged before hand to tell me anything about it and I did not request to be in it.

  • Don’t SPAM people with your links in mass quantities. I am a member of several mommy groups where we all talk about our lives, kids, husbands, and of course ask for advice on beauty products. I have stopped asking anyone in these groups about anything regarding skin care, makeup, or nail polish because people just start spamming the comments with a link to their direct sales site. I understand if you totally stand behind what you sell because you love it (hey, I love what I sell and love recommending products to people) but you can’t just spam people with links. A more reasonable option would be “****** would be great for that! PM me if you’re interested in more.” Give the option to the person asking instead of just spreading your link everywhere. It’s annoying.
  • Learn to accept the word no. If someone tells you no, they aren’t interested then stop asking over and over again. Jane at It’s Not Me, It’s You actually brought this to my attention. She had someone repeatedly asking her to buy stuff from her on several different posts she made. She made it clear a while back she wasn’t interested yet the comments never stopped. That, my friend, makes you an asshole.
  • Don’t make a new event every other day and invite your entire friends list. Trust me, your friends know what you sell. Sending everyone an invite isn’t going to make them want to purchase anything more than they did two weeks ago when you invited them. This is unless someone requests to be added to a party or it’s a special occasion. My special events? New product releases… twice a year.
  • Be personal with it! Almost every single invite I have gotten over the past year is 300+ people. I never received a message from anyone saying “hey, I’m having this party with ***** company. I think you might like it.”  I just decline the invites now without saying a word.
  • Don’t just randomly add a million people on instagram. I have had literally about 25 “it works” people follow me this week. I’m assuming its because of the hastags #mommylife and #motherhood. It makes me feel like they think I’m fat.
  • Limit the amount of posts on your personal page about your business. People are friends with YOU and not your company. You want your personal page to stay about you and if you feel the need to post that often, create a business page and ask your friends to like it. That way you’re not annoying everyone constantly and the people who want to follow along with your direct sales company, can.

I imagine people frequently sitting behind the computer like this.

Like I said in the beginning, I am in direct sales, I get it. There is nothing wrong with being apart of one of the many companies out there and making some extra income. Just don’t be an asshole about it.