Why We Decided Against Baptizing Our Children


This is one of those topic’s that really doesn’t go over well in strict families. Both my husband and myself as well as our brothers, cousins, ect., have all (as far as I know) been baptized. We’re  the first ones on both sides of our families to make a different choice than everyone else. At first I think our parents were upset but now that it has been two and a half years since our first was born they’ve kind of dropped the topic. I don’t really think I’ve ever brought up why we decided to hold off on this very “old school” tradition.

  1. We are not religious people. We don’t attend church on a regular basis and kind of leave religion out of the way we run our lives. I’m not going to say what my beliefs are because that doesn’t really matter but it wouldn’t be right to join a church just to have our little ones baptized.
  2. People tell me that our children will go to “purgatory” and not enter heaven if we don’t do it. Urh, I think that’s a load of crap. Any god I want to believe in won’t punish my children for a choice a parent made.
  3. I’d like them to be able to make their own choices as far as religion goes. I don’t want to do choose for them. When they start having questions I will gladly direct them to people who are going to have more answers than I will.
  4. This point is total vanity and doesn’t really stand ground but I can’t stand the traditional baptism dress.
  5. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m completely ignorant in religious topics. I honestly don’t even know the “Lords Prayer” and find it really awkward when everyone is saying it and I just look around. I feel like I’d be putting on a front and telling a lie if I decided to put my kids through this.
  6. Someone told me to “just do it” because you get to have a party and the child gets gifts that you can save for the future. That’s pretty much the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Going back to reason number 5… I can’t put on a front just for some cash. What kind of person would that make me?

I don’t care what other parents do. Not in the least. As long as they’re not shoving it down my throat or belittling my choices. It’s all good.