Baby Wearing with líllébaby®

lillebaby6My seven month old daughter knows what she likes and she isn’t afraid to tell you when she isn’t digging something. This has lead to several purchases of all kinds of different baby wearing carriers. I went through wraps like the baby K’Tan, “cheaper” carriers like the Eddie Bower brand, and even an Ergo. She hated every single of one them. Way too much money and frustration later; I was about to give up. Until I came across líllébaby®. 

I have to baby wear with her when we go out and about alone. I have a 28 month old very active toddler. I need both hands sometimes to be able to keep tabs on him. Not being able to go grocery shopping with the two of them isn’t practical sometimes. I tried having each of them sit in a cart and pulling one but that just was too difficult and annoying. I tried leaving her in an infant seat but then I had no where to put the mass amount of food that we eat. I was stuck. One day I was ranting about this issue on my personal Facebook page. A friend of mine recommended this carrier and said that her daughter, whom is the same age as Aria, loves it. I was skeptical since I felt like I tried everything but figured I would check it out. I’m so glad that I did.


I think it’s the forward facing position that she likes so well. Although, I have wrapped her in a forward facing manner before and she didn’t like it. She seemed a lot more supported in the líllébaby which probably allowed her and myself to relax a lot more. I felt that she was secure and comfortable the entire time I have her in it. I’m even able to pick up my toddler with her in it and have control over both of them at once. lillebaby4

So what makes the líllébaby so great? 

  • You’re not going to be wasting your money on a hundred different baby wearing products as the baby grows. This can literally be worn from birth through toddlerhood including that awkward time in between the infant position and when they’re able to wrap their legs around you.
  • You can wear it on your back, hip or front, with baby facing in, out, or in a fetal position.
  • The Airflow model (that I chose) lets the baby breathe and avoid being over heated. Since we live in Georgia, this is going to be perfect in those hot humid summer months.
  • líllébaby cares about the health and development of your little one. Every single carrying position is was designed with your childs hips in mind allowing them. The unique seat adjusts to allow your babies legs to spread apart naturally.
  • There are so many choices as far as looks go! You can check out all the different carriers here. I know I already have one but I really have my eye on the green with finches. Adorable.

Now I feel the need to compare my newest carrier to the one that I thought was going to be perfect. Like I mentioned above I had tried an Ergo baby carrier. I spent a lot of money on it (over $175) because I had to buy the infant insert for her when she was tiny. I was under the impression that it could be worn forward facing; wrong. In order to have her forward facing I would have needed to purchase the Ergo 360 which I just got the regular one. If I would have purchased it from the beginning it would have cost me over $200. The líllébaby is an all in one for less money.

I also felt like the líllébaby was a lot more comfortable to wear. It has an amazing piece over your lumbar spine that supports it. Even carrying Aria whom is only 17 pounds for an hour (if she’d be sleeping) in the Ergo was a task because my lower back would start killing me. I haven’t had that issue at all now. lillebaby

We are so happy with this product and I would proudly recommend it to any moms (or dads) that need to have their hands free or just have a baby that enjoys being worn! I just wouldn’t make the same mistake I did and try out a bunch before jumping on this one!

Disclosure: I was given the líllébaby Airflow to review at no cost to myself. All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine.

Photo Credit: Michael Orrell