Leaving Baby #1 Behind When It’s Time for Baby #2

babybehindMy son was 20 months and 3 days old when I went into labor with my daughter. I spent 20 months and 3 days with my son. Almost all day, everyday. I never spent a single night away from him from birth. I know, I sound crazy. It’s not that I wouldn’t have spent some time away from him, it’s just that I never really had the chance. I don’t have family here in Texas so there really isn’t too many chances for extended sitters.

So when I really sat down and thought about the fact that giving birth involves an extended hospital stay; I was bummed. I didn’t want to spend the days and nights away from him. I wasn’t worried about him because I knew he’d be in good hands but it was still tough. I was so used to being there night and day for every little need he has and it was just going to be strange for me to miss out on those things.

I decided that my son was going to need my husband more in the evenings than I was going to so I had him go home every night to be with him. This helped my comfort level because I knew that my son would be better off with his dad home in his own house but sucked since I had to spend most of the time in the hospital alone.

One of the hardest parts was getting texts from my husband saying “he’s freaking out or he won’t stop crying.” He is getting some teeth right now so he’s extra emotional. It was so hard for me to want to be there to comfort him but couldn’t.

He’d come visit me and his new little sister in the hospital and all I wanted to do was cuddle him and hold him. Since I just had a c-section, I physically am very limited at what I can do with him. Again, it just sucks. So at the end of the day, leaving my son was probably one of the hardest parts of the entire ordeal.


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    Well, you did it and now it is all behind you! At least you had sort of a plan and thou you were alone in the hospital you knew too that there would be someone there for you, plus you had no choice and you knew what was needed to get done and back home asap!……….The best part? Evertt survived it!
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