DIY Felt Hairbows: A Guest Post from Best Dressed Babes

Hi There! I’m Heidi from Best Dressed Babes where I blog about kid’s fashion without breaking the bank.  I love bargain shopping, diy projects, and finding the perfect accessories.  I am SO excited to share this easy project with all of you!  I welcomed my baby girl last June and ever sine have been hairbow crazy!  I’m sure Erin will soon be on the crazy accessory train with me and will appreciate getting some girly stuff in her house! 1
These Hair Bows are so simple to make and take less than 5 minutes of your time.  They can be attached to a clip for babes with hair or added to a headband for those without.2
Felt sheet (usually .29 from Michaels!)
Hot Glue Gun
Elastic or Alligator clips depending on your babe
To get started measure and cut a piece of felt that is 6 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  This will be your main bow.  Then cut another piece for your center (totally up to you for size, I like mine to be about .5 inch wide).3
Fold the felt over and bring both ends to meet in the center.  Hot glue two small dots on the top and the bottom where they meet.  {Do NOT glue all the way down or it will be hard to fold the bow.} 4
Then turn your bow over and pinch the center.  Once the bow is folded the way you want it hot glue your center strip around it. 5
Add your bow to either an elastic or an alligator clip and you are good to go!6
Without breaking the bank, or killing too much time, you now have a pretty cute hair accessory for babies, kids, and even your animals 🙂