My C-Section Story…

c-sectionWell, it happened. One of the things I was most afraid of happening before I even got pregnant. I’m not a big fan of of surgery, anesthesia, and hospitals. The entire environment scares me which is strange since I work in a hospital setting, but for animals. There is a huge difference as far as I’m concerned. It was completely unavoidable though so I just had to go with the flow.

So here’s how it went down…

I had an appointment set to be at the hospital on Monday, June 16th at 5:30 in the morning. We were going to try to turn Aria manually and if it was successful, induce labor. If it wasn’t successful, then I was going to be sent to surgery. I had my mind so set on this date that for some reason I didn’t think it was possible for anything to happen before that. In my mind, it was like this appointment was stopping my body from doing what it was meant to do. Yeah, unreal. I know.

On Sunday night, the 8th, I was up a little late working on some blog stuff. I was sitting at the computer like I normally do and felt a slight little cramp. It was seriously no worse than a period cramp. I didn’t think anything of it. I headed to bed at about 11pm and feel asleep pretty quickly. I told my husband before I fell asleep that I had a little cramping but that’s all I really mentioned of it. Fast forward just an hour and a half to 12:30 Monday morning. I knew labor was starting. I got up and used the bathroom 900 times like you do when you’re in early labor and called over our babysitter for my son.

If my daughter wasn’t breech I probably would have waited at home for my contractions to get a little worse and closer together. It’s kind of a blessing that I did go to the hospital when I did because by the time we got to the hospital around 2 my contractions were every 2 minutes. I probably would have had her at home or in the car. Even with them so close together I still wasn’t in a huge amount of pain. The doctors were considering starting an IV and getting them to “stop” so that I could be sent home and wait for my regular OB in the morning. That wasn’t going to fly for me and once they checked my cervix it wasn’t going to fly for them either. Per the nurse she could “feel the cord pulsing” which means that I was at high risk for the cord to come out first which is a medical emergency. At 3:00 in the morning they began to prep me for surgery. I briefly spoke with the doctor in which she informed me that we’d be heading into the OR in about 30 minutes. Uh, okay. I felt like I had no time to mentally prepare for this but it was go time!

Matt dressed in his bunny suit and I walked down the long halls to the operating room. When I had my son I had a gorgeous wood floored room, with a TV, skylights, and a huge comfortable bed. This was quite different. The entire room was creepy, cold, and full of medical equipment. Obviously necessary but just a complete different atmosphere. I just stared at the little baby warming bed and scale knowing that I’d be meeting her soon.

The anesthesiologist was fantastic. I had an epidural with my son but this time I was to be getting a spinal. He was great at explaining the difference and everything that he was doing when giving me the injection. The “pop” noise that the spinal makes when going into my back still grossed me out and gave me the chills but soon enough I was numb. They had me laying on the table with my arms stretched out to the sides and began to prep the area for the incision. That’s when they brought Matt back into the room to sit by my head. I was never more glad to see him. It’s just a comfort thing to have someone familiar that you love there when everything else is so new.

They informed me that if I started to feel sick to let them know. I was okay for about the first 3 minutes. Then I think whatever drugs they used in the spinal started to really hit me. I knew I was going to puke. I did… the entire surgery. Actually, nothing was really even coming up because I couldn’t use my stomach muscles. It was just constant dry heaving for 45 minutes.

They pulled Aria out and I immediately heard that gorgeous sound of crying. That first cry is the best sound in the world. They started to clean her off and brought her to the baby table in which Matt walked over to get a glimpse of his new baby girl. I tried to pay attention and look but I couldn’t stop vomiting! The anesthesiologist tried everything to get me to stop but none of the drugs that he was giving me were working! So picture this, a gleaming father admiring his gorgeous new daughter and mommy is strapped to a table puking. That was my life.

After a little while the awful nausea did subside and I was able to sit and hold, admire, and feed my new love. Once I was into the recovery area I felt fine. By fine I mean I wasn’t vomiting anymore. I was sore, uncomfortable, and extremely itchy. It was well beyond worth it to have my daughter but by no means would I choose surgery over a vaginal birth. I’m the type of person that laughs at everything so really that’s what I’m doing with this story now. Laughing over it. When Aria is older and I get to tell her about how she was born, hopefully she’ll find the humor in the fact that she was difficult and stubborn right from the start.

Stayed tuned for a story of recovery! 



  1. Suzanne Stabler says

    Erin, your story just reinforces why I just think you are amazing. I am so, so proud of you. I am sorry that you had to go through this to have your beautiful little blessing, but so appreciate that you are willing to share your story for others. I feel so happy and blessed to know you!