Significant Other Assisted Personal Grooming

personalgroomingI need to start off this post by  sending off an apology to my family. I can already see my mothers face as she’s reading this shaking her head in disappointment that her daughter is talking about shaving private areas on the internet. No mom, I won’t take this down. It’s meant to be funny so just sit back and have a little chuckle. Oh, and mom! You should start commenting on things instead of just calling me and yelling about them. The internet would love you!
As pregnant women everywhere know there comes a point in your pregnancy where your belly covers your lady bits and you’re no longer able to see them. It’s the inevitable so if you’re into keeping up with yourself you need to formulate a plan for when this time comes. A lot of people suggest a mirror. They either fog up on me or I almost fall trying to hold it. I’m clumsy as it is but adding twenty some pounds to the front of my body doesn’t help. Other women have suggested just having your partner do it for you…
I thought about it. I thought long and hard about it. I even went as to far as to ask my husband if he’d do it for me. He agreed. Then, I thought more. shavedfaceHave you ever seen a man shave his face? It’s not gentle in fact it’s totally violent. They run that thing over their faces with out any care and don’t even look at what they’re doing. My husband currently is just shaving his face with the head of the razor because he somehow lost the handle. That’s how “careful” he is about it. It’s terrifying to think that I would even entertain the idea of  handing my husband something that can be used as a weapon and asking him to do something so personal. Sure, you can tell them what to do but it takes one slip of the hand and you’ve got an issue on your hand.

Be brave and share. Has anyone let their significant other do this for them? I need some real life experiences here!

I think I’ll stick to doing it blind or go pay for a damn wax.


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    I had my friend shave my legs….. But my private parts were eventually neglected! But luckily I was very small, bump wise, until the last 2 weeks! As for the mirror! Sit on the floor and use a mirror that stands up in it own!!! LOL (also I was single when I was pregnant so it wasn’t really as important to me)
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