Little Man Turns 18 Months & What You Should Know About This Age

18 month postIs turning a year and a half a big deal? Maybe it’s not to most people but the fact that Everett is now closer to two is just crazy to me. Time really does fly and while a part of me is sad my “baby stage” with him is gone forever; it’s amazing to watch him grow and change.

We had his 18 month well baby visit this past week and just like I thought he’s huge. He’s in the 99th percentile for height at 33.5 inches and weighs in at 29 pounds. I guess this height explains why we’re already wearing size 2T. caroselThey always have “milestones” and checklists at each of their well baby appointments; along with a handout of helpful tips.  I’ve decided to highlight a few of them that I think are useful and call out a few of them that I think are completely absurd.


  • Have their first set of molars and possibly even the canines (eye teeth)
  • Most babies at this age have given up their morning nap time. They still require between 13 to 14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.
  • At 18 months they start to look less like babies and more like little kids. They lose some of that baby fat. I have definitely noticed this one with Everett.
  • Can point to a specific body part when asked
  • An 18 month old can usually understand 10x the amount that they can put into words.
  • They understand the names of certain people and things and can often point to them when asked.
  • Copying things that you do is a fun game for them. If you stand up and stretch chances are they’ll want to try and do the same.
  • At this age they should have no problems walking on their own and getting up from a sitting position to a standing.
  • They should enjoy doing things like pressing buttons, turning knobs, opening and closing doors, ect.

The following things were printed on my take home sheet for an 18 month old and I just had to giggle that they even needed to be in writing.

  • Prevent burns by keeping your child away from hot liquids, matches, lighters, and the stove. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s okay to let them run into a bonfire.
  • Lock away all poisons. If you think your child has ingested something poisonous, seek medical attention.
  • If you have a gun in the home, store it somewhere out of reach of your toddler.
  • Watch your child closely when teaching them to use the stairs.