Airplanes & Babies: What You Should Know That The Airlines Might Not Tell You.


I’ve been doing so much traveling with my son on the airlines. His first flight was when he was only 7 weeks old and I think we’ve flown a total of 12 times in his year and a half of life. I’ve learned a few things along the way as far as airlines go that might make your life a little bit easier.

  • Car Seat.
    The car seat doesn’t count as a checked bag and you’re able to check it for free either with your other luggage or at the gate. As much of a pain as it may be, I suggest taking it to the gate with you. There is less of a risk of damage if you’re checking it at the gate. It doesn’t have to travel as far to make it on the plane. I guess it’s just a peace of mind thing for me.
  • Ask about bringing the car seat on the plane. 
    Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, the plane might not be full. If this is the case many airlines will let you bring the seat on so your child would technically get their own seat without you having to pay for it. Don’t count on this happening though.
  • Stroller. 
    No matter the size of the stroller you’re allowed to bring it through security and check it at the gate. This makes carrying everything a lot easier. I usually set the car seat on the top of the stroller which is tough but do-able. If you’re not traveling as the only adult one person can easily push the stroller while the other carries the carseat.
  • Liquids. 
    You can bring as much water, breast milk, formula for the baby as you want! It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing 8oz bottles, it’s allowed. You just have to let them know at security that you do have liquids and they preform a little test on it. The test is just YOU opening up the top to the bottle or cup and them waving what looks like a piece of paper over it.
    Personally, I like to just bring plain water and then “toddler formula” powder. It’s hard to keep milk cold enough for long travel days so this avoids that problem.
  • Beware of Sippy Cups with straws. 
    The pressure on the airplane makes the liquids shoot up the straw and all over the place. I learned this the hard way. Don’t fill them all the way, it helps.
  • Birth Certificate. 
    I haven’t had too many people ask for proof but they CAN refuse you access to the plane without one. This is to prove that your lap child is under the age of 2. If you don’t bring one, they can make you purchase another seat.
  • Careful with feeding on takeoff.
    I’m only saying this from experience; be careful. We hit some turbulence on the way up causing my son to choke a little on his milk. The choking then lead to projectile vomit everywhere. It was the ONE TIME I didn’t have a spare set of clothing. So, make sure you have that too.

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