Pregnancy Dreams; What The Heck Is Going On Inside My Head?


When I’m not pregnant my dreams are pretty timid and what I consider to be normal; that is if I even remember them at all. Apparently, during pregnancy all of the extra hormones make sleep time more like I’m watching some kind of crazy movie. I’m not sure if I’m actually tired all the time or just anxious to get to sleep to see what is going to happen that night.

I knew I couldn’t be alone in this strange symptom and after doing some research I learned that I’m definitely not. Apparently the reasoning behind being able to remember a lot more has to do with the fact that most sleep during pregnancy is being interrupted. You’re constantly tossing, turning, waking to run to the bathroom, or even stirring because of anxiety. It’s all completely normal. As for the topics of dreams being crazier than normal; that has to do with a surge of progesterone. I guess for me I just like to have a  scientific reasoning behind it.

Now, a lot of my research has brought out my curiosity to start to “decode” these vivid dreams. I really don’t believe in any of that and still don’t much after looking into it more. A lot of what I found was very vague and just tells me that my dreams are representing my fears. I don’t think I’m afraid of my husband buying me a horse and me naming him Bubbles. Nope, that’d actually be fantastic. Maybe I should dig a little deeper into that dream and say I’m afraid of baby girl coming out the size of a horse. Yes, now that’d be terrifying.

Lets get a little personal now! Here are a few of my crazy dreams from the past few weeks. 

  • I mentioned above that my husband bought me a horse that I named bubbles. He brought it into the bedroom and it had a giant bow on it’s head. I wasn’t even questioning the fact that there was a horse in our bedroom. When I woke up, I expected bubbles to be there.
  • I dreamt about a girl that I’ve never met in person. She was a “pimp” and trying to get people to sleep with Shaquille O’Neil. I was upset and told her “NO WAY” since I hated the movie Shazaam. That was my reasoning.
  • My best friend and her boyfriend were having a party; except her boyfriend wasn’t actually himself. He was Aaron Paul’s character in Breaking Bad. They were having some kind of crazy meth party and for some reason that didn’t concern me. What I was mad about was that they invited an ex of mine that I’d prefer not to hang out with. In my dream, I went to the party anyways. I went swimming and while I was in the pool people hid my clothes in a tree. I couldn’t get them down so I made a dress out of rocks. It was a pretty cool dress.
  • Before I knew the sex of the baby I went in for an ultrasound to find out if we’d be welcoming another boy or a girl to our family. In my dream, the ultrasound technician goes “Congrats, It’s a Kitten!” I replied with “oh man, I really wanted a baby or even a puppy.”

I think I’m going to start a “dream diary” to document these because they are that funny. Anyone brave enough to share some of their dreams? GO!


  1. cindy carper says

    During my pregnancy with maria I dreamed I had a litter of puppies. I’ m like etc when I woke up. Lmao

  2. says

    When I was pregnant I dreamt that my baby’s dad was sitting at my kitchen table eating the baby, also about a zombie eating him. And I dreamt I’d had him and was pushing him in a stroller and was pregnant again, when people asked or commented on the new baby I’d say “oh! This one isn’t mine!” And I meant it
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  3. says

    I remember some of my dreams and its been over 20 years,,,, yeah I’m a old mommy! My FIRST child I would always dream of momma deer and her babies it was weird, but i lived in the mountains and we have lots of wild life and they would appear in my dream! Good luck with it all

  4. Talia. says

    I recently had one where I was outside at a park parking lot..and I see all these fluffy dandelion seeds floating around me . When they would land they would start turning into dandelion sized lamas that would grow into regular sized lamas..I was running around scooping them up into a cloth sack and then went skipping down the driveway with a sack of these dandelion lamas asking people if they wanted some and they would say I just started tossing them around in handfuls like glitter. And they’d float back out into the air. I remember feeling spliced and purely happy…

    Another one I had recently..Ron Jeremy was my god father and he was fixing my car while all these people that I don’t really know from my Facebook threw a party. My ex best friend had invited herself and I told her to leave but she wouldn’t because she was so drunk and ate up on pills she stayed in the same spot the whole time. I mingled with the guests then had to go to the bathroom..I took my shirt off for some reason when I went to the toilet and dropped it in there right as I pooped..I decided I was going to throw the shirt away and when I came out of the bathroom everyone was gone except the one person I wanted to leave..