The Differences I’ve Noticed in Being Pregnant with a Girl vs. a Boy

boyvsgirl I know a lot of couples that from the second they get a confirmation that they’re expecting they’re already wondering what sex the baby is going to be. Some are patient and want that delivery room surprise; I am not that person. I found myself on google looking at all the old wives tales and researching the difference between boy and girl pregnancies. I know that every pregnancy is different and none of it is a science but it’s still fun! So, now that I’m further along and know for sure that this second baby is indeed a girl I decided to make note of all the differences between my two pregnancies that may or may not be an indication that this one was a different sex than my first! Again, obviously none of this is a science or researched, it’s just my opinion.

  • Below is ultrasounds of both my pregnancies around the same point of gestation. I was about 6-7 weeks in both as these were my confirmation of pregnancy ultrasounds. The picture on the right is a little zoomed in and he was actually implanted more on the left side of the picture. The little girl is implanted on the right side. I’ve seen some people online say that this is a sign of the sex because the “males swim farther.” I’m not sure if that’s true at all but in my case my children just so happen to start off on opposites sides.


  • The heart rate of the babies is one of the most talked about differences between the two. Most people say that a lower heart rate signifies a boy when a higher will turn out to be a girl. Everett was always around 140 beats per minute even from when he was tiny. Baby girl is always between 160 and 170 beats per minute. I guess this wives tale holds true for me!
  • My morning sickness was a lot worse with my pregnancy with my boy. I vomited nearly every single day and felt nauseous constantly. This time I still get the random nausea moments but I don’t really vomit. I’m not sure which one is better, ha. I felt better after I got sick.
  • This time I have terrible sciatica. The first pregnancy I experienced little to no back pain whatsoever.
  • I feel generally “less attractive” and bigger this time around. I’m sure half of it has to do with the fact that I’ve started showing a lot sooner with this pregnancy than my first. I hear that’s very common.

    For example, this is me at 26 weeks with Everett. It’s basically exactly what my belly looks like now at 17 weeks. I’m a tad smaller but not much!

26 weeks with everett


  • I’m craving sweet things like crazy. I’ll make a full dinner and eat half of it because it just doesn’t hit the spot. I want things like cake, ice cream, and cookies. Of course, i’m not just eating that but I do indulge.

If you’ve had pregnancies with opposite sexes, I’d love to hear of any differences that you’ve noticed!