Our Plan For Gender Reveal on Baby #2



With our first son we didn’t do much of a gender reveal. We went to the hospital for a routine ultrasound and found out the sex. The only thing that was a bit of a reveal about it was the fact that I graduated that evening and told everyone that I was going to wear either pink or blue shoes.

With this one I decided that I don’t want to find out by some stranger telling me while having the ultrasound. So i’ve done some thinking and decided on a bit of a more dramatic and exciting reveal.

We have an early ultrasound planned for New Years Eve at noon. I’ll only be 15 weeks but they offer gender screening at this point. It’s not through my doctors office whom I’ll have one at 20 weeks but through a separate company. Yes, I’m impatient. Don’t judge me. We’re going to go in at noon and have them place the gender, if baby cooperates, in an envelope. We won’t be opening it and we’ll leave the office as clueless as we went in. From there, I’ll be heading over to a bakery and giving them the envelope. I’ll have them fill cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting.  Then, at midnight my husband and I will take big bites and find out what we’re having! I say midnight but we’ll see if I make it that long.


  1. Danielle Shulman says

    What an awesome idea!!!! I would love to do that when my day comes. Cannot wait until you share the news!!