Maternity Clothing; Look Fabulous During & After Pregnancy

maternity clothing


I absolutely despise buying “maternity” clothing. I can’t fathom purchasing clothes that won’t fit a few months after my little one is born. I see it at a complete waste of money to only be able to wear something for a few months. Some of the clothes that are geared toward pregnant actually work for after baby but I think as soon as a company labels something “maternity” the price rises exponentially. I have found my own way to fight this system. The following items are my must have clothing items when I’m rocking my baby bump and I wear all of them after pregnancy.

Empire Waist Tops

71760287964VE_BLK_lg_v1_m56577569832491408Any shirt that is cut with an empire waist works perfect for my baby bump. They are baggy in the tummy area but still fit nicely in the chest. Since they’re currently in style, they’re easy and cheap to purchase.

The Maxi Dress


I love a long cute Maxi dress anytime of the year and pregnancy is no exception. Most of them are made out of a very stretchy cotton so it’s not only comfortable but will fit.

Dresses That Flow


I try to avoid having to wear dresses when pregnant because lets face it, most are not comfortable. I have found this type of high waisted flowy dress actually works out well. Like the empire waist style, it gives a great fit on top but doesn’t strangle the baby.



These are my favorite shirts wether pregnant or not. They are adorable, comfortable, and easy to wear. You can dress them up with accessories or down with a pair of simple jeans.



I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for leggings and yes, I wear them as pants. They’re stretchy, can be warm, and simple. The best part is they fit under my bump and can be warn 12 months out of the year.

Tank Tops


I couldn’t live without my long tank tops. I don’t care if they are a spaghetti strap or a razor back; as long as they’re long it doesn’t matter. They stretch nicely to cover the bump and can be worn under every piece of clothing that you have.

Open Sweaters / CardigansĀ 


We’re all not going to be pregnant during the summer months which means we need something to wear when it gets chilly. Sweaters are expensive as it is and I can’t imagine buying something I can only wear for one season. I’m a huge fan of open cardigans. Just because they won’t button over your bump doesn’t mean you can’t make them look amazing.



Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I won’t rock a cute shoe. I’ve found that it’s much easier to find my balance and not roll an ankle in a pair of wedges.

I hope during your pregnancy you consider skipping some of the maternity clothes and prices and check out some other options. Remember, you can always try it on and if it doesn’t work for you and your bump, try again!