Micah’s (baby #4) Birth Story

Micah is three weeks old already and I’ve been meaning to get to writing his birth story but you know, the whole having 4 kids thing really is a time suck. Things are going pretty amazing but it’s complete organized chaos as expected.

This birth was a complete different experience than my previous three. I thought for sure that I would be much more prepared having gone through most types of births. My first labor happened naturally and then I was put on pitocin because things were not progressing. My second baby was breech so I had a c-section. My third was an elective induction and a successful VBAC. This time around I really wanted to go into labor on my own and not have any pitocin. I have never felt “real” labor without the help of induction medications so that was something I wanted.

My due date was July 31st, 2021. A few months prior, I looked at the calendar and picked out July 21st as his birthday. I just had a weird feeling that is when it would happen. I always joke that I get this intuition about things and it’s almost never wrong. I was right. I had an induction scheduled for July 30th but I told the PA (my doctor was on vacation, of course) at my appointment the day prior to his birth that I would see them tomorrow.

The late afternoon of July 20th I was having pretty strong and time-able contractions. I was 2cm dilated and like 60% effaced at my appointment that day. I did not have a membrane sweep but I just knew things were changing. Around 6pm we decided to go to the hospital. I was pretty uncomfortable with contractions happening about 5-7 minutes apart. It being my 4th baby, I didn’t want to chance having him in the car or in the bathroom at home. We got there and I was still 2cm. They gave me an hour of monitoring and decided that since I hadn’t progressed, it was too early to be admitted or it was just false labor. They sent me home. 

I felt like an idiot because I should know when it’s time to go but hey, it is what it is. We got home around 10pm, I ate a giant bowl of cereal, and decided to get some “sleep.” I was up literally the entire night in pain. It wasn’t like the stomach tightening contraction pain but more so in my lower back and butt. It honestly felt like gas pain. I got up every hour to go pee and walk around because that was the only way I could handle the “gas” pain. My husband woke up around 4am to go to work as he had some hours he was trying to make up. I told him to go to work because it was gas pain. I took some gas x around 4:30 and tried to go back to sleep. Yes, you read that right. It’s my 4th baby and I was convinced it wasn’t actually labor.

Here, read these texts sent around 5 in the morning to my husband.




Luckily he was smart enough to come home and make the necessary calls on the way home for people to come and watch our other kids. My dear friend Lauren tried to call me around 5:30 in the morning and I literally couldn’t answer the phone to talk. Thats when I really had a suspicion things were going down. Oh, and the fact that at that time I wiped and it was just blood from my cervix dilating.

We left to go to the hospital which is about a 30 minute drive. I hardly remember the drive, I just remember thinking “I may have this baby in the truck.” The contractions were on top of each other without much of a break. Again, still in my back and in my butt. There was so little abdominal tightening! We finally got to the hospital and I was put in a wheelchair and brought up to labor and delivery. The nurse that sent us home the night before was still on shift. I made a joke to her leaving the night prior that I was going to wear loose pants back to the hospital in case he came in the car. So when I saw her I said “See, i wore loose pants.”

I literally undressed into the gown like right there with no cares in the world. I just needed to know where I was at and hopefully get a little relief. When I was checked in triage I was “at least 6cm” and in the 5 minutes it took to get me into my labor and delivery room I was already at 8cm. I wish I could describe the pain but honestly, it’s impossible. I was thinking of going without pain medication but HA! NOPE. I knew there wasn’t much time at the rate I was progressing so after I got my IV hooked up, my antibiotics started (group B strep positive) they had the anesthesiologist right in. Sitting still while in a constant state of a contraction is near impossible but I managed. Since I was so close to delivery they couldn’t give me the normal medications used. I got one injection of lidocaine and it was time to push. The lidocaine lasted about 30 minutes or so which was enough for me. The contractions were back and horrible but when I was actually pushing against the pain, it stopped.

So, 8:32am Micah James Piccione was born.

I had plans to have cute hair, makeup, etc. but that all went out the window when labor “really” started.



It was a total whirlwind and I can’t believe I still stayed at home as long as I did thinking it was gas pain. See, even 4th time moms don’t have their shit together and know their body as well as you’d expect.

Matt was a trooper and such a great support system. One of my best friends, Lauren, was able to sneak in before visiting hours and get tons of pictures and videos for me. Something I really wanted because I know this is my last time having this experience. Fun fact, I had never seen the placenta before this baby. Let me just say, it’s freaking cool.


IMG_4786Recovery this time has been a completely different ball game, in the best way possible. I don’t know if it’s because the lack of interventions during labor or the fact that my body has done this a few times but I’ve felt great. Micah is the first of 4 to not have jaundice issues, coincidence? He’s a champion nurser and a pretty chill baby so far and we’re just obsessed.

So moral of the story, just because you’ve done it a time or three, doesn’t mean you know shit.

Greenhouse Maternity

I didn’t do professional maternity pictures with any of my previous pregnancies.  I did take tons more “weekly photos” for sure; fourth baby problems. Since I slacked on those weekly shots, I’m glad I did these. This is also my last baby. Yes, no need to ask. 100% done.

Plants have slowly become an obsession and hobby of mine over the past few years. Like I really need more living things to care for but you know how it goes. I was in love with the idea of doing this session at my favorite greenhouse in town. I’m in love with how they came out. I was just over 33 weeks when these were taken.


IMG_3948 IMG_4421 IMG_4426 IMG_4428 IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4434

Most surprising thing from this session? I only came home with two new plant babies!

Baby #4 Nursery + Name Reveal

It’s been way too long and here I am in the final trimester of this pregnancy with baby #4! It’s been such an incredibly long and short all at the same time; if that makes any sense. I feel like I just saw a positive test but then I remember the last time I drank was Halloween.

So in planning out rooms, we knew someone would be sharing a bedroom. We have a 4 bedroom house and the thought of selling and trying to buy something else in this market would lead to my demise. Originally, I figured the girls would want to share a room. Audrey is almost 2 and Aria will be 7 in a few days. I was worried that Aria would just end up keeping my good sleeping toddler awake and I’d have a disaster. So my 8 year old son Everett and 7 year old daughter Aria decided they’d like to share (for now) in the big spare room. It’s been a few months and is working out great except for the fact that they can not for the life of them keep it clean.

Audrey, my 2 year old, now has the smallest room up there but it works well since it’s basically just her crib, dresser, and a few toys.

So, now onto the new babies nursery. It also doubles as a guest room for when we have people visiting or possibly for me when my husband has to work and baby won’t sleep in our room. I wanted the space to feel more “grown up” and comfortable for adults but still have everything baby needs.


I got this headboard from someone in the neighborhood selling it for $50! Such a steal and really fits in so much better than the black metal one that I had prior. My husband was super excited that I fit in one of his posters he purchased in the smokey mountains this year.


I got this dresser from Wayfair which came with plain white knobs. I had to give it a little something to help tie it into the rest of the room because of who I am as a person. I searched for days to try to find knobs that fit without breaking my wallet. I’m shook at how expensive hardware can be. My lovely friend found these for me.


You can find them on Hirsch & Timber for just $24 for the set of 6! They’re holding up great so far and I hope they continue to do so.

Now for the more “baby” side of the room. 


I, without a doubt, wanted a rocker and a cute little reading nook. Not only just for him, but for my toddler too! The rocker and the pouf  (one of my favorite items in the nursery) are both from Wayfair. I’m not sure i’ll even end up resting my feet on that ottoman but it was too perfect not to add to the space.



Bringing live plants into the space was something that was really important to me. I love my plant babies and these are thriving in their home! Peep that cute boobie pot on the bottom photo. I couldn’t say no.

Now, the name reveal.

We struggled for a while to name him. My other three kids all start with vowels and that’s the direction we were thinking at the beginning. Until we settled on this name that we just felt was perfect.



Sweet Micah James.

Now we’ll have two E names (Erin and Everett) two A names (Aria and Audrey) and two M names (Matt and Micah) to complete our family of 6!

I also wanted to brag on myself with my hand painted photos above the crib. I’m not an artist at all but I’m stoked with how they turned out. Just a little personal touch to tie everything in with the oranges and greens.

So the space is ready for his arrival but I’m going to do my best to keep him in for a while. The kids and my husband are traveling while i’m 37 weeks for a can’t miss wedding. So I need to make it to 38 weeks. Then it’s game on.


There’s totally a reason I’ve been so absent from blogging, Facebook, and Instagram!

Between being super busy with 3 kids, navigating a pregnancy with awful fatigue, morning sickness, and working full time. Our days and nights are going to get even a little busier this summer!



Making Memories with American Girl

When I was little, an American Girl was always at the very top of my Christmas list. I remember getting the catalog in the mail and circling just about every single doll and accessory in the entire book. I was so excited when they first came out with the “design your own doll” that was meant to look just like you. I decided to go that route. On Christmas, after ordering through the catalog (pre internet ordering, wow!), I received my first doll which I named Chloe. That same Christmas, my best friend got Samantha who is one of the originals.

We had the best times with them and their appearance shows how much they were played with. I tried so hard to dig up old photos of my best friend and I with our dolls but came up empty handed. I know they’re around somewhere but in the non digital age, it’s so hard to find prints!  I actually have both Chloe and Samantha here at my house now and my 6 year old daughter now plays with them constantly. Funny story is I have no idea how Samantha made the trip from Michigan to Georgia. I just asked my best friend and she said “That’s where Samantha is! I lost her a long time ago.” Whoops.


I love that my daughter has the same love for these dolls that I had. It is so amazing to see her playing with these girls just like I did over 20 years ago.

A few years ago, before I gave her these, she started her American Girl journey off with a Bitty Baby. She named her “Jinny Jana” when she was about 4. I have no idea where that name came from but we just went with it. Two years later, she still plays with her all the time and asks for new accessories to go with her on the regular. She mimics everything I do with her younger sister and it’s just heartwarming to watch.

bitty baby-3

Aria’s newest obsession with the American Girl collection is the Wellie Wishers. I feel like this line is the perfect step between the Bitty Baby and the full sized American Girl Dolls. Each Wellie Wisher comes with their own story and so many accessories. She has the best time using her imagination with them and creating the cutest stories and play adventures.


I was hoping to be able to take my daughter to Atlanta to visit a store for her birthday this passed summer, but COVID. I can’t wait to eventually see how excited she is when it eventually happens one day. In the mean time, we’ll just keep playing at home together.



I absolutely have adored watching the American Girl brand grow over the years and am so happy with where the company has ended up. There is so much diversity and truly something for every girl. Our newest addition to the American girl family is Ashyln from the Wellie Wisher collection. She’s so adorable and my daughter absolutely adores her. Any of the American Girls would make a fantastic gift this holiday season for any girls on your list! Starting the younger ones off with a Bitty Baby all the way up to your older girls with any of the full sized dolls! They are guaranteed to cherish them for a long time to come.

American girl is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $135! You can snag that offer by clicking here. Keep an eye out on their website as well because I have seen a few good sales pop up, which isn’t that often!

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.



When I was pregnant with my first baby over 8 years ago now (HOW?!) one of the very first gifts I received was a bottle of Baby Magic lotion from my mom. She used it on both my brother and I as babies and truly believes every baby should smell like Baby Magic. To this day, when she visits, with every diaper change that she helps out with; she’s lathering up the baby in lotion. Baby Magic has been loved by protective parents for over 65 years and we can see why in our family!


The nostalgia behind Baby Magic is just kind of an added bonus for me personally. I think, just like my mom, my favorite thing about it is the smell.  It smells so unbelievably good but is not overpowering in the slightest. All of the lotions that I have used in the line have been thin and easily absorbed into my kids skin. There is nothing worse than a slippery baby. The entire line is also free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes so you can feel comfortable with what is going on your precious baby. It is even recommended by dermatologists for baby’s delicate skin.


You’ll see in the picture above Audrey is holding the No Rinse Wash. It’s another one of my favorite products in the line. Let’s be honest, there is not always time for a bath and babies are so messy. I toss this into the diaper bag. It’s a nice foam so I just apply it to a small burp cloth and wipe her down! It leaves her clean and smelling amazing.


She obviously thinks it’s a lot of fun to play with as well.

I sometimes have trouble finding specific products in store but luckily for me, everything in the Baby Magic line is available on Amazon. Last time I was out and about I was able to find the lotions at Target through so It’s not impossible!


Baby Magic is also hosting a giveaway! Ten lucky winners will receive a $100 Visa Gift card from them. To enter just follow this link!

Win a $100 Visa e-gift card from Baby Magic.

Also, if you receive the ValPak mailings, check inside for another $1 off coupon!


This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.

100 Foods Before ONE

My unintentional blogging hiatus came in strong and hard. I went from having two kids in school to having them home for summer. Then I gave birth to  Audrey last July. Oh, and the whole global pandemic thing kind of put a wrench in things as well. It’s funny, you think being stuck at home I’d have more time, but it has somehow seemed to work opposite of that. Well blogging went onto the back burner. Over the last 7 months or so, I’ve gathered up so many content ideas. Over the 6 months, I’ve been doing a lot of research and development into this post. AKA, Baby Led Weaning. It was going to be so hard to feed 3 little people, plus myself if I was doing baby food. I decided and talked to our pediatrician about Baby Led Weaning and go the green light at 6 months. From that day forward, she was / is basically eating everything we eat; some unhealthy snacks she probably shouldn’t have as well.

Etsy Shop Icon

Please note that this list is just from our personal experiences. While I’m sure some of the following items aren’t recommended or are taboo to feed babies, you do you. Check with your pediatrician if you have any specific questions on how to feed after 6 months.


It’s a pretty random list but that’s usually how it goes around here! I still laugh that my baby has tried Ox Tail and I have not. There were quite a few things that ended up not being added to the list that I just forgot to add to my note, like scallops and shrimp! It was a ton of fun to watch her try new things and I’m so glad we did this! She’s such a great eater. Although I’m not sure this really has anything to do with the variety of foods she was introduced too.


As you can see, she knows how to get into some food.

My Attempt at Saving this Planet

So this post is going to showoff my “hippie dippie” side. I wish terms like that didn’t exist and everyone out there just gave a shit on what was actually happening to our planet but thus, here we are. Our planet is falling apart and unless people actually make changes it’s likely that my grandchildren won’t be able to call the southern parts of the US home.

I’ve always tried to be cautious of my carbon footprint. I’ve always tried to teach the kids to leave places better than you found them. Recently, I just stumbled upon a series of articles on exactly how bad off our planet really is. In less than 30 years, The northern states are going to have the climate of Dallas. Can you imagine what Dallas will be like?

Regardless, we need to start being better as a society. So it starts here. These are some relatively easy and inexpensive ways to stop being destructive. savetheworld

  1. Get rid of plastic shopping bags. Some states have already banned them and I hope that the entire United States gets on board with this sooner than later. Pick up some reusable bags either at the grocery store or on amazon. This is the set that I have and I absolutely love it. They hold way more than traditional plastic bags and aren’t creating all the extra plastic waste.
  2. Pack lunches without the sandwich bags. My kids take sandwiches to school quite often which meant plastic baggies. I recently switched over to these reusable sandwich bags. They’re easy to wash and dry and so far the kids haven’t thrown them away.
  3. Compost. It sounds a lot grosser and more of a pain in the ass than it really is. A few years ago I bought this compost bin on amazon. Not only am I not wasting food scraps, my plants love me.
  4. Recycle. Actually Recycle. All of those cardboard boxes that things like cereal, mac and cheese, etc come in are recyclable! You mainly need to look at your plastics. Soda bottles, milk jugs, etc., all recyclable. Check with your trash company to see if they offer recycling services, most do. The best thing you can do is not purchase any of the plastics but I know, sometimes it’s hard to avoid.
  5. Don’t buy into fast fashion. This is one thing that has been the hardest adjustment for me. I love shopping for new clothes. I just didn’t realize how much water it takes to just create one garment of clothing. These fast fashion items just end up in our landfills after a couple of wears. The amount of clothing that gets tossed each year in America is insane! To help combat this I’ve been shopping second hand, mainly on Poshmark. I’ve also been trying to resell / donate what I can just so it doesn’t end up in the trash. Kids clothes are tough since they grow so fast / destroy what they have.
  6. Have a vegetarian meal at least once a week. I can’t even get into the meat industry and how wasteful and truly terrible it is environmentally. I am starting to develop more and more negative feelings about it and a lot of it isn’t based on the animals (don’t worry, those feelings are there too.) This is a new goal of mine so we’ll see how the family does!

This is all a work in progress. I feel like if everyone just became a little more conscious of what they were doing the changes that could happen would be amazing. So just start making small changes and work towards bigger and better things. 

* This post contains a few amazon affiliate links. I make a couple bucks off your purchase but it doesn’t change the price of the items.


Thomas Bagels: My Ultimate Carb.

There is pretty much nothing I love more than a good bagel. As much as I hate to admit it, bagels are a staple in my diet. In Georgia we don’t have a ton of great bagel shops. Luckily for me, I love Thomas Bagels.

I’m usually just a classic toasted with cream cheese girl; especially on the everything flavor. Sometimes I’ll get wild and toss an over easy egg and some feta cheese on one, drool. I have also used the plain ones to make the kids little pizzas! I just toss on some marinara, cheese, and whatever other toppings I have lying around. I bake them for just a few minutes and BAM!

There are so many recipes on the Thomas website that I’m just dying to try too!


I am now happy to report I can feed my addiction,in bulk, at Sams Club! Thomas Bagels are now offered across the nation at all Sams Club locations.

Now, who doesn’t love a giveaway! Enter here to win a $50 gift card to Sams!

Win a $50 Sam's Club Gift Card!

So, what do you do with your bagels? Let me know as I’m always looking for more recipes and fun ideas!

This post is sponsored by Thomas’ Bagels.

Having a baby makes your hair fall out.

Postpartum Hair Loss. 

It’s normal (to some degree) but not all that often talked about. In fact, I’m in a group with a bunch of women who had babies in the same month as me and have only seen one single post in regards to it.

Here I am, just under 4 months postpartum, looking like a total snack with a receding hairline on just one side of my head.

postpartum hair loss

Luckily it’s not really all that noticeable if I wear by hair back while it’s parted or when I have my hair down. Unluckily for me, I really like my high slicked back ponytails. They’re a thing of the past for now.

Straight after blow drying (and pumping because, mom life) It still looks like it has tons of volume. My husband didn’t really believe me that it was noticeable until I showed him the picture above.


Every time that I brush my hair (not often) or wash it (again, not that often) I’m convinced I’m going to be bald when I look in the mirror. The amount of hair that comes out in my hands while washing, on the round brush when blowdrying, on the floor, or on any pony tail holder is astounding. I don’t remember it being this dramatic with my other two children but per google, everything I’m experiencing is normal.


That’s from my round brush after one single blow dry. 

So, like I said, per google everything I’m experiencing is normal. These are a few things that I’ve learned after what felt like hours searching and reading other peoples experiences.

  • Between 50% – 60% of women experience postpartum hair loss.
  • It’s related to your hormones. When you’re pregnant the extra estrogen makes your hair look bomb. When that estrogen drops, BAM. YA’ BALD. All that extra gorgeous hair you grew, falls out.
  • The estrogen from pregnancy drops around 3 months postpartum. This is usually when the hair loss begins. It ends somewhere between 6-12 months postpartum.
  • If your hair loss is severe, doesn’t hurt to check with your doctors.
  • Breastfeeding has nothing to do with postpartum hair loss.
  • On average, you’ll lose about 40 strands of hair a day. This is normal shedding process. A postpartum woman will lose between 200-400.  This explains a lot.
  • Keep taking that prenatal vitamin and fill up on protein! Nothing is going to STOP the process but this can make it a little easier on your hair.

So, don’t panic.

Even though I’m not so secretly panicking a little bit. I don’t have the funds for the nice hair pieces. I can’t be walking around looking like Donald Trump.

In all seriousness, I’d go bald to have Audrey again. She’s totally worth it. If you’re going through the same, chin up.